Who's House?

Did you guys ever watch Run's House, the show about Rev Run and his family? I used to love watching it years ago and thought the two sisters were awesome. I particularly loved Vanessa as she was the shyer one and I felt that was kinda like me. Interestingly, I came across Angela's Instagram page the other day and couldn't believe how much they've all grown up! And Angela's style has gotten so fierce lately, I remember her on the show always wearing bright two-piece sweats... to be fair I went through that phase as well in the early noughties (I had bright pink, red and turquoise, velour ones....the shame!!). Anyway, whenever I wear this sweatshirt I was always sing the theme tune to the show...which is also their released song from the 80s!

Anyway, I digress! So, I love a good sweatshirt and I'm all about easy and comfortable style (at university, I was known as "tracksuit girl" as I lived in oversized sportswear-  but to be fair, I did play at lot of netball so was always in training gear). I have more hoodies and sweatshirts than I know what to do with. On this day, I actually started out just wearing the sweatshirt but I thought I wanted to jazz it up a bit and so put a shirt underneath. I'm really pleased with how this look turned out as it appears much more put together than it actually is and that's really the ideal for me - lazy fashion that still looks chic lol! I wore this with heels for the pics but later changed to trainers, which also worked quite well. The shirt still stopped the outfit from looking too casual, it's great when a small bit of detailing can change the game. Anyway, here's a little midweek outfit inspiration for you all. Hope you've all been having a nice week...hang it there, we're halfway through!!!

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Sweatshirt bought from Urban Outfitters (old)

GAP Boyfriend Shirt

French Connection Leather Mini Skirt

Zara Heels

Asos Sunglasses


*Title from "Run's House" by Run DMC