Change the Pace and Just go Slow

It's Sunday!! YAYYYYYY! My favourite day of the week, where I just get to be incredibly lazy and become one with my sofa! If I do venture out into the world on a Sunday, this is my perfect outfit. Well actually it depends what I'm doing! This is the perfect look for lunch with friends on a Sunday. If I'm popping down the shops, I might not get out my PJs...that's how lazy I am over the weekend. But I really love this outfit because it's so cosy but still looks styled. My new cricket look jumper is just the right size of oversize to wrap up in and play with..I love its details and initially I wasn't too sure about keeping it but have been getting lots of compliments about it so it's most definitely staying! The leather pants are probably a little extra for a lazy day but they are infact leggings so just slip on. You could alternate with some simple black jeans with rips in the knees if you prefer. And of course swap the heels for trainers or slip ons. But the hat is a must...I've actually noticed that I mostly wear this hat on a Sunday...hahaha how funny! Probably because it's an amazing hat to add to any outfit to make it more stylish! I must remember to order it in more colours.

So, even though it's Sunday and I wanna be super lazy..I can't today as I have so much to do!! :( I am traveling to Nigeria tonight so need to pack (haven't even begun) and I need to clean the flat (I cannot travel if my flat isn't spotless - I absolutely refuse it!) and iron heaps of clothes. I also really wanna pop to the shops to get some new trainers before I travel. And what am I doing right now - currently I am sitting on my sofa, eating rice pudding, catching up with X Factor! Haha let's see if I manage to get everything done before my flight. It's always a last minute rush with me....wish me luck xo



H&M Jumper

H&M Leggings

Zara Heels

Asos Hat


*Title from "Take Care" by Drake ft. Rihanna

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