You Had Me at Hello!

OK I know I've been M.I.A for 2 weeks now and I can tell that people might be starting to lose interest in the blog as a result. I had planned to do some work from Nigeria (where I have been all this time) but it did not turn out to be as simple as I thought as Internet isn't always great when out there aaaaand I am super lazy when I go really lazy! My brother calls me a sloth whenever I'm back in Abuja as I don't leave the house or even my room for days. It's just so nice to be at home with my Mum and have her treat me like her baby, dote on and me having to make zero decisions. I don't get that in London...I constantly have to do everything for myself, which is part of being a grown up I know and I'm not complaining...simply pointing out how nice it is to have some time to be a baby again lol! I did get my ass into gear during the last few days in Abuja and so have cool posts coming your way soon so bear with me and stay tuned for some fun upcoming stuff.

Anyway, I really didn't want this to be a long post. I just wanted to let you know that I'm back to London now and so just wanna say: Hello London, Hello November and Hello You!!! I've been browsing through my subscriber lists and activity logs and am always blown away by the variety of different people that visit my blog. I am truly amazed by the reach my blog has had actually gobsmacked to know there are individuals in places like China and Mexico who are interested in what I'm wearing and what I have to say. So I wanna give a huge shout out to every single person that has taken to time to pay Carelle a visit and so I have spent all morning researching how to say "Hello" in the different languages of those who have passed through this site (such a fun activity, learned a lot already):

  • Hello (United Kingdom)
  • Hey (United States)
  • Bonjour (France)
  • Privet (Russia)
  • Nin hao (China)
  • Konnichiwa (Japan)
  • Ciao (Italy)
  • As salam alaykum (United Arab Emirates)
  • As salam alaykum (Lebanon)
  • Ya sas (Greece)
  • Hallo (Netherlands)
  • Hallo (Germany)
  • Hej (Denmark)
  • Hola (Spain)
  • Hola (Mexico)
  • G'day (Australia)
  • Tena koe (Maori - New Zealand)
  • Czesc - (Poland)
  • Sa-wat-dee (Thailand)
  • Hallo (South Africa)
  • Ete sen (Ghana)
  • Sannu (Hausa - Nigeria)
  • Kedu (Ibo -Nigeria)
  • Enle (Yoruba - Nigeria)
  • Tobra (Ijaw- Nigeria)

How cool is that? Language is really awesome isn't it?!! I'm gonna keep trying to memorize all of them so I can be a pro! If I have misspelled anything please do correct me, I did use google translate for a lot of them so might not have got some right. I did manage to already know 10 of them without looking them up so feeling proud (yes I did include English for UK and US in my knowledge lol). Anyway, just wanted to say hi to you all. Hi ;)

P.S. Have I missed your country out...let me know! I would love to know how to say hello in your language!! :)

*Title from "Hello" by Beyonce


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