Round My Hometown: The People I've Met

It has become a bit of a tradition for my mother and I to get up early in the morning and go for a gentle jog (ok, let’s not lie…brisk walking if anything). It’s such a small thing but it is something I really look forward to whenever I’m home. I love spending this time with my Mama, chatting about life and observing how similar we actually are. Again, I reiterate the importance on putting effort into all valued relationships even with your mother and this is one of the ways we rekindle our bond. As I’ve grown older, more and more I’ve come to realise what an incredible woman she is and I love seeing her more as a friend rather than only my mother; more as an individual called Charity who has done great things and stupid things. I remember when my thinking switched from being a child expecting my mummy to be a mummy and being sooo upset with her when she let me down in anything but as I grew up it just started to click that she is just another individual living in the world trying to do right but not always getting it perfect. “Mother” is such a huge title with so much pressure but they all do the best they can.

That’s not to say that she still does not annoy me…I love her but I have to admit her driving is awful and being in the passenger seat while she is behind the wheel is so frustrating because the woman refuses to go faster that 20 mph…even on motorways! So driving to the park in the mornings always starts a little stressful while my mother fails to understand why she is getting beeped at and cut up by other cars. But once at the park we have a brilliant time. How pretty is Jabi Park by the way? The lake is breath-taking and I love how much life there always is. You’ll be running round and a cow will just casually emerge out of the bush and of course there as lizards everywhere. There are also lots of people running or dancing to African music, playing football or ping pong (which I always join in on cos I like to think I’m a pro…I’m not!). We always bump into people we know or make new friends…it’s such a friendly environment and I like that somewhere like that represents how nice Nigerians can be as we all know they don’t always have the greatest reputation. After our “workout” we sit around, buy fresh juice from the women on the side of the road and chat with locals. Everyone loves my mum so encourage her to sit and chat or offer her free food or drinks…I wish I had that effect on people! Looking at these pics makes me a little sad as I really miss my Mama! While I love my independence it is hard not having her so easily accessible…sometimes a girl just needs a hug from her mother and I have to wait months to get that. Looking forward to Christmas to get my next cuddle!!


P.S. Isn’t my mother such a beautiful woman…do you think we look alike? ;-) 

*Title from "Hometown Glory" by Adele