Africa Na Superwoman

What do people feel about turbans? I've always liked them and admired women that can wear them especially casually but I've definitely shied away from them, feeling  they are too much of  a statement piece for me. Well that was until I was introduced to the Ene Maya collection! They were stocked in The Library NG in Abuja and I was in store and thought, "I'll try them on for a joke" and loooooooved it on! Lo and behold, I became one of those oh so fabulous women who wear head wraps! Ene Maya stocks lots of different styles, all beautiful, velvety style pieces but the one I'm wearing caught my eye because I love the bright colour and the Nigerian Ankara print! Aaaand it acts as a perfect disguise for a bad hair day or a "can't be arsed to do anything with my hair today" day. Just my cuppa tea! Check out some more pieces on their Instagram here. I promise you, you'll be tempted to try one!! ;-)

P.S. Hope you guys are having a good day! I've just had lunch and feeling super sleepy at my desk right now. Warm food plus cold weather always makes me want to take a little nap on my sofa. Nearly the weekend and then can do all the napping I want...yippee! xo

*Title from "African Superwoman" by Charity Vedelago (my mama!!)