Babygirl, Where's Your Lover?

Literally the million dollar question when I went back home... why don't you have a boyfriend? All anyone wants to know is about my love life and whether I might be getting married soon. And who do you ask is the ring leader of these conversations? My mother of course! I swear even now when she calls me, her opening line is always "so, met anyone nice?". You'd think we're running out of time the way she acts (to add salt into the wound, my older brother regularly jokes that I'm getting close to my sell-by-date...or at least I think he's joking.....). Perhaps it's a cultural thing or even just a norm within my family as my mother had had a first child by my age and my sister too was engaged around her mid 20s...clearly I'm a family anomaly. But whatever maaan, I'm not feeling the pressure or anything....I swear....I'mmmm breezy!

Anyway, to honour my return back to Nigeria my mother decided to throw a pretty random Welcome Home Party. I say random because I do go back quite often...I mean I try and go back at least once a year. As such I suspected this party was about putting me in an appropriate situation to meet suitors (...or be sold to the highest bidder). My other clue to my suspicion was when my mother informed me I was not allowed to dress "like a baby" at my party. I was required to dress like an adult and as such decided on this gorgeous Mango dress I've had for a while. My mother was loving the slit and boob situation, which she doesn't next clue to her ulterior motives. Regardless the party was actually really good fun and I got to meet lots of new and interesting people: hilarious comedians, Nollywood actors and some musicians (seriously my mum thinks she's Kris Kardashian with this kind of crowd). And yes my dress was a hit so I guess mother does know best in the end! Every girl should have a show stopping red number in her wardrobe...just as you would have the customary LBD, red is an absolute must too. Scientific evidence has suggested that red clothing is the most successful for women at attracting males...viola, I give you the so called "Red Dress Effect". So ladies, go and grab yourselves a similar freakum dress and I wish you happy hunting. xo


P.S. shout out to the wonderful Mr Tope Brown for these great pictures. So happy with how they turned out!!



Mango Maxi Dress (similar here)

Necklace bought from The Library NG


*Title from "New Flame" by Chris Brown ft. Usher