For All My Grown Women

How hot is this AQAQ jumpsuit?! I mean there's some serious Saturday Night Fever going on here! Carla (Carelle Co-Founder and Best Friend Extraordinaire) originally bought this piece off Ebay but was concerned that it was a bit too enter Elvira! Lol! I snapped this number off her and was in love! Firstly, I adore white so already it's a winner and then there's the way it accentuate curves. Whenever I wear it I for sure dance round singing "I'm bringing booty back, go 'head and tell them skinny bitches that"! I'm not gonna lie, it is an out there piece and I did wonder where the hell I'm gonna wear it too...but then I put it on and thought "meh, it's coming with me"! Obviously, there are several places you can dress up for...fancy dinner, night out, hell grocery shopping if you want but you HAVE to rock it with attitude otherwise it looks stupid. It is most definitely a show-stopping number, not one for the shy at heart because all eyes WILL be on you .... but if you want some attention, ladies go'on with your bad self! AQAQ have some breathtaking I seriously want everything they stock! And their style is very showstopper...definitely for you grown woman out there; sophisticated and sexy all the way, you will feel like the shit in these outfits. And I mean obviously with all clothing you can put your own twist on it: you wanna go all out, do that or if you wanna tone it down that's also a possibility. I think their website is definitely worth a visit, especially with the Christmas season coming up, I know a lot of ladies are gonna be looking for party outfits. I promise, you will look no further!

Also, do like the setting for these pictures! This is the driveway into my house in Abuja! It's so beautiful and green. And Mr Tope Brown did a fantastic job with this shoot. Thanks so much Tope, it was so easy working with you. Visit his Instagram page and show him some love peeps. Search for @topebrown xo



AQAQ Jumpsuit (similar here)

Jewelry bought from The Library NG

Russell & Bromley Shoes


*Title from "Blow" by Beyonce