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Abuja Market - Carelle

Ahhhh and we now come to the end of the Nigeria sequence. It has felt like it has gone on for a bit now hasn't it but more than anything I hope that you've not only enjoyed looking the pictures and what I've been wearing back home but more importantly, getting to see a bit of Abuja. I mean I know most of the pictures have been of me (woops!) but there has been some scenery right? lol! But seriously, I wanted to portray my hometown in a positive light and show how normal it is to live there for so many. I mean, I know that seems quite obvious but a lot of the time African countries get portrayed in a bit of a negative light in the media. So obviously when I went to Nigeria there was the Ebola scare going round and everyone in London was a bit hyped about it. Don't get me wrong, it is a very serious issue and thousands of people have died from it but they way it sometimes get construed to others is that is happening everywhere and so for the tourist, African countries would be the last place to visit. When in reality, life goes on and many, many people get on with their days without being affected by Ebola. I mean precautions were being taken in Abuja to prevent the prospect of disease spreading but on the whole everything went on as normal. The way the media portrays African countries has come into question a bit lately with black artists like Emelie Sande and Fuse ODG raising concerns over lyrics in the Band Aid song. People won't really want to visit African countries if popular songs are describing them as disease ridden and poverty stricken. Obviously there are struggling areas and it is fantastic that people want to help but the whole continent isn't like that. There are many areas full of life, rich in resources and buzzing with love and joy. So I hope you got to see some of the beauty in Abuja from my recent posts. 

So the scenes I'm in in these pictures include Wuse Market, where my Mum and I always go to buy cloth in order to tailor dresses. The skirt I'm wearing is from the market, where I got it designed last year. It is quite a norm for people to do that in Abuja, especially for special occasions so it's not a massively expensive activity. My mum loves going in there once in a while and designing new outfits for church (people seriously dress fresh to death for church in Nigeria). I also visited the Arts & Crafts Village to buy local pieces to give as presents when I came back to London. On the way home, I jumped out to take some pics with the National Mosque again (it's just so pretty) and picked up some corn from the women on the side of the road. Such a fun day!! Also, FYI I am wearing a Missguided crop here, trying to create a cool mix between African and Western fashion. Do you like?

Finally, I wanna say a huge thank you to Tope Brown for these pictures! I have to say it was a pleasure to work with him and he made the whole process such fun and kept me laughing and feeling comfortable throughout our massive photoshoot saga! Please do check out his Instagram page and show him some love. 

Thanks for reading! Much love to you all! xo



Missguided Crop Top

Wuse Market Skirt

ASOS Sunglasses

Guiseppe Zanotti Sandals

Whistles Sidebag


*Title from "T.I.N.A" by Fuse ODG


Abuja - Carelle