Black Friday!

Carelle - Black Friday

So Black Friday has begun early, with a lot of retailers sneakily going on sale whilst we were all sleeping!! But don't worry guys I got the scoop for us all!! Miss Selfridge have started their Black Friday sales and items have been slashed by up to 50% !!! But please be warned, this offer only applies to UK orders.

Now, I don't want to take away valuable shopping time, especially as we are on the clock here people. But I do quickly want to tell you about this Miss Selfridge dress I'm wearing in the pic (surely you guys want a bit of a review before you start spending your hard earned cash). Basically, I'm in loooove! Cheap price, excellent quality and makes me feel like Kim K in it! Also, so versatile, last week I wore it to the office with tights and boots and then carried on to dinner and a club by just changing to heels. Presto!

Right, I'm off now to do some shopping!!!!!! Thank God we get paid tomorrow!! Let me know what you get!!! xo