I Don't Like it Unless it's Brand New

Bought myself some new Nike kit (well clearly the trainers have been worn...loved them so much that I wore them straight out the shop...I'm so inpatient lol!). So who can guess what I'm gonna do with these items .... hmmmm .... will I be gyming with them? Er nah! That's right people, I've bought trainers and a sports bra as fashion items ... obviously! To be honest, I should try and go to the gym more and I have more than enough gymwear but I do tend to wear them all fashionably (maybe one or two will be used for Netball matches once a week). I just really love the Sports Luxe look (really gutted I missed out on the Alexander Wang and H&M collection...urban, sporty chic is just up my street) and day to day tend to live in that style cos it super comfy and minimal effort is required! I'm currently in a hoody, leggings and trainers as we speak and the only exercise I've done today is walk 2 mins down the road to buy some popcorn!!!

However, I WILL try and be more proactive cos I do get how important it is and really I do enjoy exercise when I actually do it but starting is always the hardest part.....plus it's so cold outside! Maybe my new Nikes will give me some inspiration but for now, I'm excited to put something together so as to show you how I'd wear these items for fashion. Watch this space! xo


Nike Gym Bra

Nike Air Max Thea Trainers


*Title from "Brand New" by Rhymefest ft. Kanye West