This is a Portrait of a Woman

Let the blogging sequence around my recent trip back home to Nigeria commence! Yeh boi! I am soooo excited to share with you some of my travel diary, though I must warn might be a bit of a mix as I get super lazy when home so did not put as much together as I would have liked. It's funny that isn't it..that for others, going to a country like Nigeria is such an exciting venture and might result to a million pics being taken but when it's your home, you're not that fazed. Well to be honest, I had not been back to Nigeria for over a year so it was still exciting for me and I always find that it grounds me to go home, reminding me how lucky I am in life and how much I have to be grateful for. 

Right, I'll go into more about my trip in the next post but I just quickly wanted share with you this outfit, because honestly, I think this is the most amazing dress I own!! Isn't it just stunning? Literally everything I could ask for in a dress. It is elegant yet edgy, demure yet sexy, simple yet complex, classic yet also modern...really it acts as a delicious contradiction, I just love it!!  I thought wearing it with those slippers would be really cool though my brother hated it, saying the dress it too ladylike for slippers but I like that it makes the whole look more casual and laid-back. Self-Portrait is an awesome London brand that I've only recently become acquainted with and am so impressed by. All the pieces from the brand are incredibly stylish but still chill and young. Plus they are such statement pieces that they do not require much more styling. While they aren't necessarily high street prices, it is more than worth it with clothing this amazing! Quality over quantity any day ladies ... and I promise it feels so good to have something that is quite individual rather than the same high street dress that everyone has. I give it a 10/10...what about you? xo 

P.S. I've changed the way I present the pictures in my posts, leaning more to the classic blogger layout. Do you prefer it?


Self Portrait Dress

Zara Slippers

ASOS Sunglasses

Whistles Bag


*Title from "Portrait of a Woman" by Donell Jones