Round My Hometown: Memories are Fresh

On this day, I spent the afternoon with my mum and we went for a huge lunch in town. I love spending 1:1 time with my mum away from the rest of the family, where we get to bond. It's always so important to especially as we don't live in the same country. People might forget that at the end of the day a mother-daughter relationship stills needs work and effort just like other relationships. Obviously, there is an advantage with a mother-child connection as there is already a natural bond before you are even born but I don't ever want to get complacent about spending time with my mama. And it's always such fun! We had a great day pottering round. After lunch, we went to the Handicraft Village and did a bit of shopping..I got the the bracelet you see below and my mum bought some crystallized stones for our house. I really wanted to buy more for my flat in London but I would not have been able to get it all in my suitcase. On our way home, I quickly jumped out the car to take a pic of the National Mosque because for me it resonates so deep in my childhood memories as a big part of growing up in Abuja and it's also so pretty. I remember waking up every morning for school with the boom of the Islamic call to prayer, using it as my own version of an alarm clock. To be honest, the location of all these pictures hold so many memories for me. We used to live in the same vicinity as the Handicraft Village so I was always around this area, rolling down the surrounding hills with friends and messing around in the nearby playground (I actually had my first kiss there). The whole place drips with nostalgia for me, I had such a wonderful childhood growing up round here. I was sheltered from the rest of world and just allowed to really be a child, climbing trees, poking ant hills and that jazz. So I am always so happy visiting and find it amusing bumping into all the same faces there and their reaction to seeing me all grown up now lol. Anyway, hope you enjoy following me down my little memory lane :-) xo

P.S. Do you not just love how green Abuja is? Beautiful landscape!


*Title from "Hometown Glory" by Adele