You're the One Designed For Me

Primark Flannel - Carelle

I've been rubbish at posting in December, I know...I've just been feeling a little unmotivated and uninspired lately. Not really sure why, maybe I'm getting the winter blues. Plus I have a cold so am lacking the energy required to do anything other than watch Big Bang Theory reruns on TV. But it has been nice to have a little break from the blog, especially as I went hard in November. I'm sure I'll pick up speed again but in the meantime, here in another outfit inspiration for you. Apologies the quality of the pictures isn't that good, we quickly just tried to take some snaps before it got too dark!

I got this flannel shirt from the men's section in Primark. I'm such a big fan of wearing men's clothes because I'm quite tall so I like the way it fits me. I also sometimes like wearing oversized clothing that I can just wrap up in. I kid you not when I say I've been wearing this top for 2 weeks straight...I go to work in it, I sleep in it (I really should give it a wash) ... I almost feel like it was designed especially for me because I love it so much. Plus, I'm normally not a keen Primark shopper, just because I get concerned about the quality of the clothing and I've had some bad experiences in the past but I was pleasantly surprised by this shirt. It's thick and really cosy so kudos to Primark!! I tried to add some chic to the look with my snazzy suede boots and tailored jacket...going for a homeless man meets Coco Chanel kinda look lol...trying to find that inbetween of looking glam and looking shabby chic! What do you think...have I nailed it? Xo



Primark Flannel Shirt (available in store)

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Zara Boots

Zara Coat

Chanel Bag

*Title from "Make it to Me" by Sam Smith