Mood Board (15.12.14)

Tired! Literally that is the only way to describe how I've been feeling lately..physically and mentally tired!! Exhausted rather! I'm lacking motivation and inspiration for anything right now, just want to close myself away from the world and hide in my little flat but I find that even when I attempt to do that, I can't fully shut myself off because I'm browsing through the Internet just as part of my daily activities. At the moment, it just feels too much. I drained, running on empty but still being bombarded!

To be honest, it's probably a mixture of things. The darker days are probably having an adverse effect on my mood - waking up in the dark is just miserable! Then my work is always busy around Christmas time so I'm feeling under enormous pressure there, plus the pressure I'm putting myself under trying to come up with fun and creative posts for my blog. This strain is physically expressing itself through a cold which I've been battling for a week now and 2 mouth ulcers! I'm eating so bad as well which is adding to my guilt and playing into the cycle of feeling crap! It got to the point last week where I was thinking something's gotta give and for the first time in a year, I thought about ending my blog so I would have extra free time. I finally decided against it when I remembered that my blog is about my creative expression, what I want to blog about not what I think people are expecting to see. I need to keep reminding myself that.

Literally, my holiday to Dubai could not come any sooner! I need a break from work and from London! I need sunshine and nothing to worry about than what book to read today while I lazy on the beach. I need to see a different way of life to help inspire me again, a new adventure! I was initially quite skeptical about this trip because it's a family one and we know how stressful family holidays can be but actually at this point, I think it will do me a world of good. 

So for the meantime, I've uploaded some pictures I liked from scrolling through Tumblr,. searching for inspiration. Tumblr is a fantastic place for moody inspiration, lots of tired and fed up people out there venting through the use of images, quotes and gifs. So here are a few I liked, that both inspire me and reflect the way I'm feeling and what I feel I'm searching for. Have a good week everyone, hope you're getting through the winter better than I am. Normally I love Christmas and all the wintery build up but I'm struggling a bit this year. We all go through that sometimes I guess xo 

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