Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I feel like a failure when I’m not being productive, but then I remember that being ‘productive’ sometimes means taking a break and letting myself rest.

Love this quote, this sums up exactly how I was feeling before I went on holiday! I read the previous post back and I do sound a little melodramtic and miserable lol..but I was just a bit blue so everything did seem "end of the world" when you're in that mood. But now post holiday I am feeling a little more rested and a little less overwhelmed! Feeling a little more me :) There's still a lot on my "to-do list" but I'm making my way through it as best as I can, allowing myself time to do it, breaks when I need them and not being so hard on myself (great advice from a lovely comment on my previous post...thank you!). This should really be my NYE resolution! Do you guys have any?

Finally, I want to quickly semi apologize for the lack of posts since I've been away but I needed to switch off from blogging...for the 1st 4 days I didn't even post on Instagram..can you believe it? I just needed to shut off from that world and enjoy time with my fam and sleeeeeeep!! But I was soon back on Instagram with lots of fun pics .. check it out by clicking one of the links on the side. I'll post some of them on here in the next few days for those of you without the app.

Anyway, what I really wanted to apologize for was for not wishing you all a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! How awful of me! I hope you all had a lovely, restful, food filled day and got everything you wished for. And thanks for the continued support. You guys are awesome! Keep enjoying the festive all deserve the best. Much love, Elvira xoxo