2014: A Year in Review

How would I even begin to breakdown a whole year? It went by so quick and I can't even remember most of it at this point lol...but perhaps this post will help jog my memory!

Ok so I started my blog at the end of Feb 2014...woohoo! I was so nervous about doing it but super excited at the same time. It was such a fun project for me as I had started the year unemployed so was a little down about life at that point lol. But by Feb I had a new job and Carelle was ready to go live! Instantly I got such great response from my friends and family and other bloggers out there; I was so pleased that all my hard work but being well received. I got to meet some fab photographers from "Loconte Photography" and here are some of the pics from the shoots we did for the beginning of the blog:


By spring, I was into the full swing of blogging but starting to struggle a little with the amount of work a blog demanded! However, I did some amazing trips that not only cheered me up but also gave me great material for the blog, killing two birds with one stone lol. Here are some pics from my trip to Portugal with my best friend and goddaughter, as well as pics from Glastonbury with uni mates:

Summer quickly came round and while I was having some contractual issues at work, I was still able to enjoy the warmer weather with friends and family. Highlights include my trip to Monaco (first time going) with my older sister and 3 nieces and of course my birthday!!! Turning 24 was a little scary because I really don't feel that age ... I'm still mentally stuck at 18 years old lol! But I had such a wonderful time with all my friends, going to Africa Fashion Week, clubbing at Cuckoo and eating GIANT pizzas while playing beer pong at PING in Earls Court (one of my fav bars):

Now onto autumn! A lovely lady from Accessories Room had gotten into contact with regarding a collaboration and we quickly became great friends, bonding over our love of fashion and our Nigerian natures! And as a result, I got to meet a great and budding, young Nigerian photographer from "Raphael Charles Photography" and started working with him on shoots! Shout out to both teams, you guys are awesome and thanks so much for networking with me and for all our fun times. Here are some pics from the Accessories Room shoot and some of the outfits I shot with "Raphael Charles Photography":

Next, I got to go home to Nigeria and spend a lovely 2 weeks with my family and be pampered by my mama! She threw me a "Welcome Home" party (which was really a "Find a Husband" party) that was actually quite fun. Through that I met the lovely Tope Brown and we decided to try out a shoot together around Abuja:

And then before you know it, Christmas was just around the corner!! December was the busiest period for me. The office was so busy! I was finally getting praise from my managers for all the effort I was putting into work and there was even rumours of a promotion floating around. It felt so good to finally be appreciated, especially as I had had some issues at work with feeling unsupported and under-appreciated in the office but all that work and trying to impress was taking its toll on me physically and mentally. Plus I was stressed from the responsibilities in my personal life and putting unnecessary pressure on myself regarding my blog. The problem was that as I was doing so well and feeling successful, I was desperate to keep that going full steam in all areas of my life...but by not allowing myself breaks and "me time" I just started to feel a bit rubbish. Then it was soon time to go on my family holiday to Dubai and I got a much needed breather:

And that my friends is my year done! 2014 has been great with so many fun times ! There were some low points as well but nothing I couldn't handle and all acted as lessons to make me stronger and wiser. I'm so grateful to have the most wonderful friends and family that keep me laughing continuously. I wishing for much more of that in 2015! 2014 was awesome but just the tip of the iceberg...let's all go bigger and harder in 2015! It's gonna be a good one...I can feel it in my bones! Now I better go start getting myself together for tonight, lots to organise and I'm still in my PJs..eek! Wishing you all a wonderful evening, whether you're spending a quiet evening in with loved ones or raving with strangers, let's end 2014 with a bang and so much love for each other! See you all next year ;) oxoxox