It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It's that time of year again...the countdown to Christmas has begun!! I've seen the Coca Cola Christmas advert which makes it official. This has to be my ultimate time of year, I'm such a big kid when it comes to Christmas and there are many traditions I have to upkeep during this period. First we start with the advent calendar, of which I have 2 this year (still not too old) and next comes the standard Xmas clothing! I don't get why people hate Christmas jumpers...I love them!! I mean, I'm not dense or anything, I get that they aren't particularly stylish but it's just a bit of fun and part of the season. If Xmas jumpers are too much for you (...weird) you can always substitute with subtle touches of Xmas wear....e.g this fun headband from H&M. If you still aren't convinced...I can't help must be Bah Humbug ;) 

Other things I'm looking forward to about Christmas include appropriately themed drinks from coffee shops, pantomimes, the Nutcracker ballet, Winter Wonderland, Christmas lunch at the Rotisserie in Harrods (yes I know it's posh but so worth it), Christmas movies on tv, presents obviously, chocolate santas, putting up Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping (actually this is rather a love hate relationship), presents (did I say that already), carols, wrapping presents and sooo much more that I couldn't possibly list them all or we'd be here forever. 

But the most important of all this is spending time with my family as I don't get too often. Especially with the kids as they always keep Christmas magical. This year however we will be having a family Christmas holiday in Dubai. I've never really had a hot Christmas before so this will be a new experience for me but just as fun I imagine, just instead of riding a reindeer I'll be riding a camel...pretty much the same thing lol. But I'll have to slow down on the chocolate santas and Christmas lunches at Harrods if I wanna fit in that bikini....thought I didn't have to think about a bikini body till summer but only have 2 weeks before I'll be on a beach. Ouuuu thinking about it...I want a Christmas themed to search for one..ciaoooo!  

P.s. Are you guys starting to get in the Christmas spirit...if you celebrate it, that is? 



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