The Turtle and the Thigh High


So this is very first blog post on my very own website! I've been working on this for a while now and I've become a bit of a perfectionist so it has probably taken me longer than most people would care to spend on a blog. But (for me at least) it is both thrilling and quite scary putting something out into the world that you've dedicated so much effort at and thrown so much of yourself into. So I hope you all like it and I'm grateful that you've taken the time out to visit my humble site. Anyway, let's get on with the fashion!!

So, my title reflects what I feel are the two most prominent features of this outfit. I was recently tweeted by Guess Jeans asking me what I thought were the style staples of this winter season and it must have taken me under 20 seconds to reply with "turtlenecks and the thigh high boots". I mean, we've seen them everywhere!!! And I'm so happy to admit that I've jumped on the bandwagon! I just love how they straddle two style worlds. Over the knee heels have a very sexy feel to them and to be perfectly honest, I was afraid I might turn out looking a bit like the beginning scenes of Pretty Woman! But pairing them with a casual, chunky turtleneck creates a very simple, sexy look..a very chic look infact. And I absolutely adore the fact that these boots are suede and a little bit baggy because they contribute to a more relaxed outfit concept.  Now, for me, I felt I needed to smarten up the look a bit with an long, tailored coat, adding some more sophistication to the what I'm wearing. The pop of the blue sidebag really changes the outfit up and actually creates a bit of excitement. I mean, imagine it without the would still be a nice outfit but maybe a little bit boring. The bag brings some fun and youthfulness to the whole look. So, all in all, I was going for a casual, sexy, chic, sophisticated, fun and youthful look. That's quite a lot ... you can tell a lot of thought went into it lol.

But it was really fun shooting this outfit around London. We shot around South Bank, just by the river Thames and lucked out on a very nice day. I was worried it would be a rainy shoot as we've been getting some horrible weather here. Trust me, walking around London in the rain, in a mini skirt and suede boots is not how I would like to spend an afternoon. But it all worked out well and I just spent the day going for coffee with friends and strolling around by the river. Now that's ideal afternoon well spent. What would your ideal afternoon plans be?


Zara turtleneck jumper (similar here)

Topshop mini skater skirt (similar here)

Zara coat (similar here)

New Look "Kelly Brook" boots  (similar here)

Michael Kors bag (similar here)

Chanel earrings

*Photography and editing by: Loconte photography