The Simple Bare Necessities

"Forget about your worries and your strife"...because I got you ladies! Here is my take on what the absolute essentials are for any budding fashionista's wardrobe to create the basics of street style. These are the type of items I own which I credit as the foundation of my fashion. Simply put, these are the bare necessities for your wardrobe. Don't worry, I promise you won't end up with a huge shopping bill because really a lot of you will already have at least some of these items. So you might only pick up a few extra ideas. Ok let's break it down a bit...

Coats & Jackets

1. Leather jacket -  it's just a must! They never go out of style and they make any outfit cool and stylish! Literally, the jacket does half the battle for you. The danger with leather jackets is that they can look quite cheap if you're not careful. You need to find the right balance between price and quality. Most people tend to get the biker style but to be a little different, try a quilted version for a more feminine feel.

2. Long oversized coat - these are all the craze now but they've always been really, just in different forms e.g. pink oversized coats are currently  on trend. I put a picture of a trench because they have been stylish over decades. It's just about you finding a type/colour of long coat you like.

3. Denim Jacket -  these are an absolute wardrobe staple but many people shy away from them. I literally use mine as a layering tool. It always adds such an edgy effect to what I'm wearing. I wear the Topshop one with borg lining so that it still works in winter.

4. Blazer -  classic! So self-explanatory that I'm not going to say much! All I would say is that I recommend the boyfriend blazers..personally I prefer them because the boyish fit contrasts better with my clothes e.g. when wearing a dress, the boyfriend blazer accentuates the femininity of the dress. If you're interested in a more exciting version, go for a white blazer. Reiss do a wonderful selection.

Jumpers & Cardigans

1. Turtleneck -  warm and effortlessly win!  I prefer chunky knitwear ones!

2. Cardigan - I'm actually not a huge fan of cardigans! They just make me think of grannies. But I've fallen in love with the one I've suggested above from Mango. I wear it almost everywhere..even to bed sometimes lol! I like the fact that it's chunky and has lapel detailing which kinda counters that grannie feel.

3. Sweatshirt -  the greatest lazy fashion that can do so much! Dress it up with or dress it still does the job of looking very cool in an "i woke up like this" manner. I love the ones from Kenzo (as every other fashion blogger I imagine).

Skirt & Dress

1. Leather skirt -  similar to leather jacket e.g. a must!

2. LBD - sooo self-explanatory! If you don't have one by now ..stop reading immediately and buy one asap! The Alexander Wang one I've suggested above is on sale so start there. A variation on this is the white incredibly sexy, especially with a tan!


1. Shirts -  both denim shirts and white shirts need to be hanging in your wardrobes because they can be worn anywhere and everywhere e.g. dress it up, dress it down, wear to office, wear to date..the possibilities are endless.

2. T-shirts -  Everyone has a t-shirt of some sort in their wardrobe so it's pretty much a given wardrobe staple. But I would suggest going for cool graphic ones that stand out more. The ones from Etre Cecile or Hype Means Nothing are some of my faves.


1. Leather - just so sexy it hurts! How you style them will be so individual but they always come off looking hot. Again, price and quality needs to be balanced (seems to be a bit of a trend for leather). Try leather joggers for a more interesting take.

2. Jeans -  I feel that every girl should have a black and blue pair of jeans! Trying to find the right pair can be tricky but when you do it's for life! I swear by Dr. Denim black skinny jeans (as they are so slimming). Blue jeans are so common so if you wanna mix it up go for the destroyed look for a more relaxed, rebel take.


1. Black pumps - just like the LBD, they must exist in your wardrobe. Yves Saint Laurent are the ideal for me! Interesting variation would be getting a patent style...hotttt!

2. Over the knee boots - already talked about them in the previous post so I don't need to go into it again. What I would add though is that you don't need to get heeled ones. You can get flats or even slightly heeled ones. Though they might appear more casual, they still achieve the same stylish outcome.

3. Ankle boots -  I really like them because they look really fun and youthful. Don't feel limited as there are so many different variations out there e.g. Chelsea boots, suede, heeled, flat. All down to your personal taste.

3. Trainers -  I think every girl should have some sort of fashionable trainers in their closet. Plain converses are the easiest solution because they are quite inconspicuous. They blend into any outfit. I also really adore Nike Air Max as well..if you're feeling a bit more bold.


1. Leather gloves - same rules as all previous comments on leather items.

2. Oversized hat - same rules apply as the oversized coat. There are many variations out there..from floppy boho style hats to more rocker fedora hats. Just find one that fits you.

3. Beanie - perfect for bad hair days. Go for a bold colour if you're feeling brave enough.

4. Leopard print scarf - it's funny how something so simple can make an outfit look so chic! Especially if the rest of the outfit is pretty basic.

5. Raybans - I strongly advise you invest in some of these..they never go out of fashion. They've been making cool glasses for over 7 decades so trust they know what they are doing.

Phew, that was an information overload!! But what I love about these items I've suggested is that because they are so simple, they can easily be thrown together to make a more exciting outfit e.g. denim shirt under sweatshirt with leather skirt. Now wear this outfit with black pumps and you've got a sexy and sophisticated look, wear this outfit with converses and you've got a more laidback look. How you mix and match between these items is all down your personal style. Also, as these items act as a foundation, you have the chance to build on and you can start adding more exciting items to what you're wearing that reflects your style. You may add some statement jewelry or a snapback. That's where fashion and style become really fun, when individuals take basics and create something more dramatic using their unique flair. I really love seeing that! Anyway, enough from me...happy shopping xoxo

P.S. There are 24 items above. How many of these did you find you already have?

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