We can do it like the man'dem

I've used the lyrics from Jessie J's "Do it Like a Dude" song as my title to reflect I'm wearing, where I've chosen to incorporate a bit more of a masculine feel to this outfit. I like playing around somewhat with androgynous fashion, especially as I feel there shouldn't be rules when it comes to expressing your personal style. I don't think that people should let even their gender constrain what they want to wear! Now I know I'm not necessarily pushing serious boundaries in androgynous fashion with this outfit. Really, I'm actually wearing quite basic items of clothing but it's the combination that adds that causal yet edgy and manish feel to the whole look. You could literally photoshop a guy into the clothes wearing and it would still work. Tshirt and jeans is a relatively gender neutral outfit, so to do it more like a dude I needed to add something that is much more male specific...my answer were my shoes. Brogues and bluchers are becoming increasingly popular for women. I've used mine to accentuate the casual masculinity of my outfit but if you prefer, you could use them to contrast with and highlight a more feminine outfit e.g. wear them with a dress or skirt. Reversely, you could dare to go all out and really play up the masculinity of brogues by wearing them with a tuxedo suit. The sky's the limit ..I know I've said it so many times but with these fashion pieces it really is about how you want to style them.

This shoot was a lot of fun because we got to explore some hidden locations around London that we'd never have found if we weren't looking. We took these pics at a skatepark by Waterloo station and it's covered head to foot with awesome graffiti. It's on Leake Street and known as the "Banksy tunnel". There were lots of young people there just spending their Sunday afternoon spray painting and I could only marvel at their talent. I love that the Mayor of London has actually been fighting to keep this space for young people because it's somewhere they feel they can express themselves. I was so happy to shoot there because the setting worked well with my outfit. As the outfit is quite simple, the background makes for interesting and stand out pictures. The one with my Super sunglasses and the bright background is so awesomely psychedelic!! It just makes those glasses look even more cool, which isn't easy as Retro Super Future make pretty special sunglasses (after Rayban, they are my favourite sunglasses brand). This shoot achieved that tough and manly feel I was looking for..everything fit perfectly with what I was trying to express. Hope you like it xoxo

P.S. What do you guys like doing that you feel best expresses you?



The Kooples jacket

H&M tshirt: (similar here)

BDG jeans

Zara shoes (similar here)

Retro Super Future sunglasses (similar here)

Hermes CDC

Jacob & Co. watch

Dior ring

*Photography & editting by Loconte photography

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