She thinks she's made of Candy!

Over the weekend in London we had the such lovely, sunny weather and on Sunday it was 20 degrees Celsius!!! I don't wanna jinx it or anything but....I think.....SPRING IS HERE (now I've said it, it will probably rain for a month lol)! However, even if we can't celebrate spring with our weather, we sure can with our fashion!  Over the winter period, we saw the rise of the fabulous pink coats but don't pack these away yet ladies as this colour is still very relevant now, but only being expanded upon. The hottest trends at the recent fashion shows were centered around pastel shades (hello Burberry prorsum) and high street stores have started to stock candy themed outfits. Soft lemons, pale pinks, pastel greens and baby blues are dominating the streets right now and while personal shopping over the last weekend I swear I wanted to eat some of the clothes in the shops (I managed to hold myself together...just). My interpretation of this trend (and how I plan to style myself with it) is bordering on a modernised version of 60s fashion..ladylike and classy, yet still with a fun and youthful edge. So my advice for spring outfit inspiration is to start thinking along the lines of sugary-sweet jumpers, powder shaded coats and soft coloured crochets skirts..perfection!

However, I would advise to mix and match with caution to avoid looking like the Easter Bunny threw up on you! Personally, I mostly like to play it safe with pastel colours by mixing my outfits with neutral items e.g. wearing the cropped pink jumper with a midi grey skirt or pairing the pink formal joggers with a white shirt. I think this creates a more ladylike appearance than going too crazy with the colours. If I'm feeling a little more bold, I might create an outfit of all the exact same colour or shades of the same colour. Or maybe even play around with patterns and pastel colours e.g. wearing a polkadot shirt with a pastel coloured skirt. However,  there are colours clashes that work well together. Orange and purple outfits were done to death over the summer of 2011 but we know they work well. I also love pinks and blues together, but only where there is more of one colour and then a pop of the other e.g. pink outfit with a pale blue bag. It just takes a little more thinking and creative experimentation when it comes to pastels to avoid looking like a sweet wrapper and also to find which pastels look good on your skin tone (you don't want to wear a colour that washes you out). But playing around with outfits is all part of the fun, isn't it girls?

Happy shopping!! xoxo

P.S. who can tell me where the song lyrics of my title comes from?