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I have always been fascinated by the fashion from the seventies and that era (along with the sixties and forties) has some of my favorite style pieces. For me, the seventies style is all about being free-spirited and having fun with fashion; while still channeling glamour and femininity.  If you watched the recent blockbuster "American Hustle", you'll already have an idea of how fun fashion was back then. Though the outfits from the film are exaggerated versions of how people dressed like in those days, the general gist centres around flared jeans, ascot blouses, fur jackets, stripey dresses, jumpsuits and floppy hats..all which are so easily transferable to modern day fashion. So, I have attempted to incorporate these elements into my street style. What I'm wearing if actually very basic (and funnily enough, 3 of the items are clothing I previously suggested as part of a streetstyler's "bare necessities") but it is how it is all put together that makes it a bit groovy ;) . The floppy hat has always been associated with the 70s..think of Bridgette Bargot and Faye Dunaway! The hat simply has it's own sexy flair going on and easily compliments any outfit. Darker felt hats paired with jumpers and jacketss for the winter or lighter, pastels with shirts and dresses for the simple! However, I know some girls shy away from this hat thinking that they would feel silly wearing it but it's all about confidence ladies! If you'd prefer, you can wear the hat very casually by pairing it with T-shirt and jeans and yet it still manages to give so much style to your literally does the hard work for you. I love how it looks with the shirt and waistcoat combo..makes for a smart look with a bit of unexpected funk. A blazer would have perhaps been a bit too smart and a fringed waistcoat (another seventies flower-child staple) would have been too funky so I think I got it just right. I love both pieces from Mango (so much so that I got them in different colours as well). I just think they look effortlessly stylish and again can easily be manipulated into several differently styled outfits. Mango produces great quality clothing so I know these items are going to be in my wardrobe for a while (or at least that is how I comforted myself when I saw the final bill at the shopping till lol). Finally, accessorizing this outfit was so important, otherwise I would have ended up with a very simple yet sadly, a slughtly dull outfit. I like to add a bit of my own personal edge to what I'm wearing so my first thought was I needed some colour!! The Maju bag was perfect for my colour pop craving and the shape adds an interesting twist to my outfit..again mirroring that smart yet funky feel. I bought the bag from Nigeria so am struggling to signpost you to an online shop but a brightly coloured Cambridge Satchel Company bag would have the same effect. Lastly, the Versace gold cuff and Moschino belt act as the cherry on this outfit. I adore both pieces and find it so interesting how they fit so well with such a groovy chick inspired look. Just proves the power of good accessorizing!!

For me, the seventies style is all about being free-spirited and having fun with fashion; while still channeling glamour and femininity. I love how fashion from that era reflects the interplay between the laidback attitude of the time and the rebellious nature that was brewing (reflected in elements of androgynous styling). Seemingly, there was the beginnings of style freedom for the 1970s woman, whereby she could dress as a flower-child, a working girl or even a man in the day while at night  she could be as wild and wonderful with big hair and sequins. Thus, I think we could stand to take a leaf out of this woman's fashion story. 

Free-spirited......glamour......feminine...... laidback..... rebellious....freedom....all reasons I love seventies fashion. What fashion era is your favourite and why? xoxo


H&M Hat (similar here)

Mango Blouse

Mango Waistcoat

River Island Jeans (similar here)

Topshop Ankle Boots

Maju Bag (similar here)

Moschino Belt


*Photos by Loconte Photography

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