She Comes in Colour Everywhere

Spring is finally here! Thank goodness! It really was such a long, grey, depressing winter so I am truly so happy to finally see the sun! It's still relatively cold in London but a bit of sunshine and longer days always seem to brighten people's mood...for me, it really feeds my soul (sounds way overdramatic but I grew up in Nigeria and I'm half black so I'm not joking when I say I properly crave the sun lol).  So, with more and more sunnier days coming our way, I think it's time for us to start thinking about incorporating colour into our outfits, wouldn't you agree? My previous "shopping tips" post about candy coloured/pastel clothing is still extremely applicable to spring wardrobe but it's fun to vary our outfits up with a bit more colour...much brighter colour pops, to be specific! I think fashion is all about fun so colour popping is a great opportunity to have a play around with your outfits and the way you "pop" with colours really says something about your individual style. So, if you're a little nervous around too much/brighter colours, you can start very small by simply adding a bright coloured nail polish to your look or even bright lipstick colours like orange, hot pink or purple. If you are feeling a little braver and more confident about colour popping, vibrant accessories add such fun and effortless style to any outfit. You might notice that I've worn bright bags with monochrome and neutral outfits in some of my previous posts to create for a much more exciting, funky and attention grabbing look (cf "The Turtle & the Thigh High" and "Yellow Brick Road"). Similar effect can also be created with shoes. 

Now for those who are looking to push some more boundaries with their style, wearing brightly coloured clothing is a real treat. It does not have to be a lot but just a visually larger pop of colour in your outfit looks really fantastic. So again, the rest of your outfit could remain relatively neutral but you can just throw on a bright coat with your jeans or you wear a hot pink skirt with a black jumper.  It really does look very chic with minimal styling effort required. An easy colour pop option is the shift dresses I've suggested above. Miss Selfridge has some really gorgeous ones in so many colours so I'm sure everyone can find one that will flatter their skin tone. I've got one in yellow that is so cute but I might have to wait till it's a little warmer in the UK before I get my bare legs out with it lol. Going a little further with the colour popping, I absolutely love the look of vividly coloured, tailored suits! Reiss have such beautiful colours at the moment, like the turquoise-ish trousers I've suggested above. Wearing the full suit with a white tshirt and nude heels is just a dream..I tried that look on in store last week and was in love (but not with the price tag though, if you get my drift lol -  it's on my list for next payday!). But that might only be for the brave at heart because it is a very statement look. If you're confident though and you find a bright suit colour that suits you..ROCK IT!!!

I won't suggest any further colour popping tips for now because then we will start crossing over to mixing bright colours and colour blocking. For today, I simply wanted to highlight some different and fun ways to incorporate colour into your everyday streetstyle, ready for the changing weather. So pop small or pop big..just pop pop pop how you like it! xo

P.S. I've once again stolen my colour related title from a song by an incredible you know which one?

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