The Pink Spotlight

Here is another example of how to incorporate some colour pop in your streetstyle outfit. I love this skirt from's so pretty and feminine yet the scuba material makes it more interesting than your average pleated, midi skirt. The pink colour is fantastic because it's different, eye-catching and perfect for spring days. On the website, they've paired it with a cute jumper but I wanted to edge it out a bit. I like dressing up pretty and feminine but I always choose to add an extra edge..something that gives the look a bit of strength and attitude (probably says something about me doesn't it lol - but feminine strength is kinda my style I think). I feel that the leather jacket and the sky high heels does that for me, creating an "I mean business" look. That's one of the reasons I chose my title..other than the obvious relation to the pink skirt, it is a lyric from Lana Del Rey's song "This is What Makes us Girls". I thought it was perfect to link my outfit to Lana because her style is very pretty and feminine but there is always a bit of  attitude, which is kinda how I like to dress. I scraped my hair back for the outfit as well and kept the rest of my clothes in black so that the focus of my outfit would be on the skirt and its colour would really pop out against the rest of my neutral look. Though, I did add some chunky jewelry to give outfit a bit more stand-out style. The bracelet I'm wearing was bought from The Library store in Abuja, Nigeria and I love its chunky nature..though a small piece of my outfit, it still creates a loud statement. The chunky ring is one of my favourite favourite pieces of jewelry I own. I got in on sale from Republic years ago and the gold is starting to ware but I really don't mind as it looks even more badass!! You'll rarely see me without the ring..I pretty much wear it almost everywhere. My friends have often said that it looks like a bit of a knuckle duster or something lol! Finally, the clear clutch is just a dream..I think it makes the outfit look a little more high fashion as it really is quite creative. Have you seen the clear Chanel bottle bags? They are so amazing! My sister has one..I might try and pinch it from her when she's not looking..that's what big sisters are for right? My bag is from Oh My Love and I've always loved that brand as they make pretty yet quirky things..which right up my style street!

Speaking of streets, I love the street we did the shoot on. It's in Knightsbridge (one of the more fancier parts of London) and the row of white houses are really beautiful. They also create a great back drop for the pink skirt! My favourite picture is the one featured at the top with the Victoria & Albert museum in the background. It's one of my favourite museums in London (and not only because they have fashion pieces in there lol) ...the building itself is so majestic! Inside is even more beautiful..if you guys are ever in London you should pay a visit. Afterwards, pop down the road to Hummingbird Bakery for the best red velvet cupcakes, which is where we went to after shooting. Anyway, I digress..enough of the sightseeing tips lol. I hope I've given you some inspiration on how to add a bit of colour into your outfits. Please don't shy away from loud and statement long as you wear them with confidence and in your own way, I'm sure they will look good!



Topshop Leather Jacket (similar here)

Mango Sleeveless Turtleneck (similar here)

ASOS skirt

YSL Janis Heels

Oh My Love Clutch (similar colour here) (similar style here)


*Photos by Loconte Photography

*Makeup by Julie-Anne Lambert (freelance MUA)

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