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Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I've had family over this last week and while it's been lovely seeing them all, it has been so hectic trying to spend time with everyone (especially the little ones -  I'd really like to know where kids get all their energy from?). Anyway, here's my look from last weekend. I just popped over to my brother's flat in central London and we spontaneously decided to do a shoot. The pictures may not be as good as with a professional camera but I think it does make the photos seem more organic and I actually love some of the grittiness present because it adds to the attitude of this look.

Ok, so I generally tend to wear a lot of black and sometimes I might add some white or/and grey to create a monochrome look. This is for two reasons: firstly it's a very easy look to pull together and pull off and also because black and white actually looks very stylish and chic! I just love simple and effective fashion, especially when you are trying to avoid those days when you are struggling to put an outfit together and your whole wardrobe ends of all over your bedroom. Lately we've been seeing a lot of monochrome looks both on and off the red carpets and on a lot of catwalk fashion shows. White and black emsembles are great because they can be flattering for everyone and create the ambiance of sleek sophistication with minimal effort. With monochrome you can choose if you want to dress up smart or go for a more casual outfit. I chose to style myself looking like a bit of a badass lol. What is great about what I'm wearing is how simple it is yet it gives off so much attitude. Plainish jersey style tshirt (I love how the writing almost looks like it says Elvira aaaand 3 if my favourite number - it's like it's meant to be lol), with leather leggings, high tops and shades. So simple. Yet, I've added my own touches to the outfit e.g. a rip in my leather leggings (that rip was completely accidental -  when I put on a bit of weight a while back, they just popped lol..but I think it actually looks good now so I'm gonna own it), studded high tops, dog collar bracelet and square shaped sunglasses (oh Retro Super Future, you amazing brand you!!). I think it's these details that really shape the outfit and give it that extra bit of attitude.

My brother and I had a lot of fun on this shoot and we a played round with my look e.g. changing hair styles and shoes. So I originally had my hair in a ponytail but thought it would look super cool slicked back. I've always wanted to try that hairstyle because I love how it is feminine yet there's such strength to it. We also played around with my shoes. I initially wore my favourite Sandro studded hightops (effortless cool points) but then we decided to try the outfit with my brother's Yeezys. They were obviously too big for me so I couldn't wear them out but I thought it would be great to include them anyway to give you all some more styling ideas. If they were smaller I would have totally stolen them from my brother as I particularly love the little colour details to them. When I was wearing them I was trying to channel some of that Kanye self-confidence so I would look a bit more edgy (and as a result chose to name my blog post with his lyrics from "Playa Playa").

Basically, white and black ensemble is an easy go to choice if you're in a rush and or are lacking outfit inspiration. I personally went for a pretty laidback look with this outfit but there is a whole style world of options with monochrome to make it more exciting e.g. playing with spots and stripes for a more interesting look. So even though it is plain colours, a lot of fun can still be had with monochrome. How would you wear it? xo



Eleven Paris Tshirt 

H&M Leather Leggings (similar here)

French Connection Boyfriend Blazer (similar here)

Sandro hightops (similar here)

Future Retro Super Sunglasses, W Black (similar here)

Hermes CDC

Gshock Watch

Vintage Louis Vuitton Clutch

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