Carelle Experience: Ride like big boys do

On my website, I don't want to JUST talk about fashion all the time (though I could all day, every day) but I also want to add a more intimate feel to the blog and share some of my personal experiences with you all! These will just be as simple as my pics, using my camera, looking at and experiencing the world through my eyes! So for my first " Carelle Experience" post, I would like to tell you all about my recent trip to Somerset to go horse-riding!

The first time I ever got on a horse, 2 years ago, I hated it! Because I'm quite tall, I was given a huge horse to try and clamber onto and I had to hold on for dear life to stay on the creature! Trotting was literally a terrifying experience as I was just bouncing all over the place and thus I vowed never again!! But (after some strong encouragement from friends), I gave it another go and I fell madly in love! I started going once a week for a while in Surrey and always rode an all white horse called Rodney. He was a dream to ride; always very patient with me and he would give me the biggest grin, baring all his teeth, when I gave him a polo as a post ride treat. I've moved away from Surrey now so can't continue riding Rodney but one of my best friends lives in Bath and she suggested I come along for a ride near where she lives. So, over the weekend we went for a wonderful ride at a small stables near Bath called Wellow Farm. Over the hour ride, we got absolutely soaked in the rain but that was all part of the fun! I had a great day and would recommend riding to everyone! When you can develop a rhythm and overcome your fears, it actually is a very peaceful experience, though your bum will be very sore afterwards lol!

After riding, we went for some tea and to dry off from the rain in a local pub and then had a nice long walk back home through the countryside. Bath is just a stunning place - I always feel like a character in a Jane Austen novel when I go around there.  I guess almost tried to channel that vibe with my outfit somewhat lol. I was most definitely going for a relaxed equestrian feel. I love the colour scheme of the jumper and shirt..they just fit so well together! And the jacket with the patches on the elbow isthe cherry on the cake for me. Perfect for a proper, English countryside look.

P.S. Have any of you tried horse-riding? If not, would you like to give it a go? (my advice would be to say yes!!).

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