We're all the Same Colour

Since I feautured monochrome fashion in the last post, I wanted to expand my points in this styling tips post by giving you all some more ideas of how I would wear it. Each outfit is relatively simple but as usual, I've put a bit of my twist on them to make it a bit more interesting (this is becoming a bit like my slogan lol). So let's start with the outfit furthest left and call this Outfit Number 1. I just love love love shirts with pussybows..they are so sweet looking but I've paired it with some jeans to toughen it up a bit as I don't like looking too cute (if you wanted to go for a more edgy look, you could wear leather trousers). Throw on a pair of black pump and a monochrome bag and you've got yourself a very chic, verging on Parisian style outfit (I've gone for patent heels and a silver bag to make the outfit a bit more interesting). I love how this outfit ensemble is ladylike but also a little edgy. Next to that is Outfit Number 2. This is a much more casual and laid-back look and probably my favourite of the 3 black and white looks. By playing around with patterns (gingham trousers) and textures (fluffy jumper), this look comes across as not only interesting but also a little fun and quirky, especially after throwing a fedora on top. I've chosen to pair the outfit with some patent black brogues; brogues to give the outfit a more casual feel but patent so there is still an element of an unusual twist. I also thought it would be a good idea to pair the outfit with a sliver chain bag to add some subtle bling (a statement necklace might be too much with everything else going on). Obviously, some of the quirks can be reduced from this outfit if you aren't that comfortable playing around with textures and patterns e.g. plain instead patent brogues or knitted instead of fluffy sweater. I just personally find slightly pushing boundaries fun :) Finally, the last black and white ensemble (Outfit Number 3) is truly playful: spots & stripes are gorgeous together. However, my personal taste around the play between the two is quite minimal, as presented above. For me, spotted shirt with a touch of stripes on the heels is the perfect amount and because it's so little, I feel it's almost teasing and flirty. Pairing it with cat-eye sunglasses just adds to the flirty, feminine appeal of this look. Now as the outfit is so playful, I felt the need to pair it with a more grown-up and serious bag (one that is almost verging on a briefcase shape) to give the outfit a bit more sophistication. And voila..3 easy white and black monochrome looks for anyone to pull off.

Now the final outfit is a special one. When people hear monochrome, we tend to think of black and white. However, monochrome just means different shades of the same colour. So black and white are shades of the colour grey (well I think they could possibly be the extreme shades of any colour really). But you could create a monochrome outfit of a more lively colour, as I've done above. I really love the look of an all pink outfit, especially with lighter shades of pink. Lately, we've been seeing  the Kardashians playing around with monochromatic outfits of pink, nudes and beige. It's a bit more of a daring look but so well worth the effort because it looks so effortlessly stylish. Again, to make the outfit pop a bit more, I've played around with textures e.g. leather skirt, knitted jumper and flower detailed bag. Well, there you have it, some style inspiration on monochrome. How would you guys wear monochrome and which outfit above is your favourite? xo

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