March Reflections

Oh my goodness, where did March go? It literally flew by didn't it that just me lol! March for me was a nice month..It was my littlest niece's 1st birthday a couple of days ago (can't believe a year has flown by..she is so big now) and my youngest brother turned 6 (eek he's growing up so fast)! So lots of family celebrations happened in March. Also, I got to grips with creating this blog, which I'm so happy with and I've received such a great response from all of you. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support, kinds words and encouragement! I appreciate it so much and makes me fall in love with what I'm doing all over again everyday. In terms of fashion, it's quite interesting to take a look back and reflect on some of my outfit choices (I've added outfits from the last 5 weeks btw because I couldn't leave my first ever outfit post out..that would be mean lol). As I've said previously, I tend to wear a lot of black and even when I'm wearing other colours, there's black somewhere in my outfit (5/6 of my outfits have black in them). What I love most of all though is seeing the progression of adding more colour into my seasonal style. So as it's got warmer I've starting having a play around with pops of colour, until last week where I threw out a colour bomb lol! It's also fascinating to see how the more neutral (grey/black) outfits tend to be more laid-back and casual while the outfits incorporating some colour seem to be a bit more dressier. And really when I put these outfits together, the neutral ones were the easiest to come up with while the coloured ones took some more thinking and planning. I think that's why I tend to be drawn to more neutral outfits..because they still look stylish when I'm feeling lazy or in a rush. Now, I bet you're wondering which I would pick as my favourite...that's such a hard question!!! I think I'll have to break it into two sections to manage this. From the neutral outfits (on the left) I think my favourite would be the Turtle & Thigh High look (left) because of those amazing suede boots, while I'd most likely wear the Black Handle White Strap look (right) on a day to day basis. On the colour side (right group), my favourite outfit would probably be The Pink Spotlight look (middle) because of that gorgeous shade of pink skirt, while I'd most likely wear the Yellow Brick Road look (left). Tbh I love them all lol! Which is your favourite?

For April, I am most looking forward to the warmer weather that sunshine brings, wearing less layers and incorporating even more colour into my outfits. Trends for this spring seem to be somewhat arty so I'm looking forward to experimenting with patterns and textures. I've also been noticing metallics are quite relevant right now and I've already got styling tips for how I would wear this coming up. I also would like to try and have some more fun with fashion from different eras and keep up with the monochrome looks and all the same colour styles . I'm super excited to see what April has in store for my style as I'm constantly inspired to keep evolving and altering how I like to dress myself. That's one of the many reasons I love style blogging..I get to push myself with my fashion and style, reflect on this and then evolve. And I'm so grateful that you all want to partake in my journey :) Thank you all for the last's been fabulous! What are you guys most looking forward to for April (fashion or otherwise)?