You Wear my Trench Coat

The weather in London is finally warming up and spring is well and truly here (for this week at least). This means we can all start shedding our heavier coats for more lightweight layers! Hurray! My favourite way to ease this transition from winter to spring fashion is by using a classic trench coat. This coat is now under the Spring '14 fashion trend spotlight, having been spotted on all the big names' catwalks. But what is great about the trench coat is that it really is a timeless piece. Saying it is this season's fashion trend is almost pointless because it was also last spring's trend and the spring before that and before that and ....well, you get my drift. It is a piece that is wardrobe staple rather than focusing solely on catwalk trends. The reason the trench coat is so is because it's so versatile. It can go with any outfit (both casual and dressy) to look effortlessly chic and sophisticated! Wear it with a shirt and skirt as seen on Burberry catwalks or with a baseball cap and jeans as seen on the Lacoste runways. The top 3 on the left above are the classic trench looks. I love the colour of the LK Bennett one (top row, second from left), that ashy colour is heaven!! Particular to this season though, trench coats have undergone a whole new reinvention, whereby more bright colours have been seen on the runways and I've even noticed them out on the streets as well. There has been a play with prints, shapes and sizes of the coats, whereby over sized and/or sleeveless trenches as becoming increasingly popular. I have the French Connection camel coat (top row, second from right) which is slightly over-sized but I love how that adds extra edge to the coat and makes it more interesting to style. You might have seen in my last post that I wore the trench coat with rolled up sleeves and a slightly raised collar at the back (I got some inspiration from my best friend Carla) to give the trench coat more attitude. For others, they might enjoy wearing brighter colour trenches to give off that extra edge. The yellow one from Warehouse is simply stunning if you're brave enough to go for bold colours. I love its draped detailing, which is also another new, seasonal take on the trench coat. Ii's beautiful to watch the way these coats flow around your body and move as you walk. I've got one from H&M (see previous post) and have been wearing it quite often because it really does go with everything but the drape detailing makes my outfits look so casually stylish...very easy going fashion. The Waterfall Trench above (second row, second from the left) is breath-taking, looks like something an angel might wear (if that angel was incredibly stylish lol). In a nutshell, a trench coat is something everyone can wear and is an essential in any streetstyler's closet (as suggested in my bare necessities post). Whether you're looking to dress casually, more sexy or even sporty and urban, the trench coat can accommodate all these looks and more. Happy shopping lovelies xoxo 

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