I Might Wear Black 4 Years Straight

So I know it's spring and I should really be playing around with more colour in my outfits but I just can't help it..I love wearing black! Its just so easy and always looks so chic and very cool! To be fair, I was in a rush when I put together this outfit and when I'm struggling to decide what to wear (pretty much most days) I find that throwing together an all black outfit is the best way forward...it's either that or a have a wardrobe breakdown, sulk and never leave my house lol! Even though this outfit is all black, I'd like to think I've made it a little more exciting by playing around with textures e.g. pairing a fluffy cropped jumper with leather look joggers. What do you guys think about formal joggers btw? I read another blog that called it a bit of an oxymoron lol..I mean can joggers really ever be formal? I think it just depends on how you style it. I like it when pieces kind of straddle different styling worlds..it gives individuals the chance to be more creative with what they are wearing. So wearing formal joggers with a shirt dresses the look down, making it more casual and effortless, while pairing the joggers with a tshirt dresses it a up a bit and gives off a slightly more put together look. I like things like that....It just makes fashion and style a bit easier for people lol. I particularly like the leather look joggers as they give off an edgier feel. My accessories in this pic are some of my favourite pieces I own. The Karen Walker sunnies are so bad boy! They edge out any outfit! The converses are also super cool because of the collaboration with Comme des Garcons...more than anything I just love the little heart on their pieces lol (I'm an adult woman I swear). Lastly, my YSL bag is simply amazing if I do say so myself because it looks good and is so practical. Lugging a big handbag around gets both annoying and painful after a while so this little bag is so nifty when I need to run around for errands (I told you I love easy fashion lol). Anyway, I just wanted to quickly share my "I only have 5 mins to get dressed" look. Have a lovely day beautiful people xoxo

P.S. What do you guys wear for easy fashion?


Topshop Jumper (similar here)

Topshop Leather Look Joggers (similar here)

Comme Des Garcons Converse Trainers

YSL Bag (similar here)

Karen Walker Sunglasses

Versace Cuff Bracelet

Kardashian Kollection Rings

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