Carelle Experience: Bicester Village


I can't believe this was my first trip to Bicester Village...what have I been doing all my life? For those of you who might not know, Bicester Village is a shopping outlet centre in a town in Oxfordshire which is just a hop, skip and a jump outside London (or rather an hours train ride from Marylebone station). But this isn't your average outlet centre as it stocks high end brands. Think Dior, Valentino, YSL...high fashion heaven all at discounted prices! And the shops are set out to look like a little was so picturesque! I felt like I had left England and visited a little European village, with cafes serving food outside and brightly painted stores. Luckily, it was a sunny day so my best friend and I could enjoy a panini and a coffee outdoors after all our shopping. And man did we shop! Ralph Lauren had the most amazing deals..shirts at £16.99 and polos at £19.99. I couldn't believe it! Michael Kors also had fantastic offers, with handbags averaging around £150. Sandro probably had the best stock, in my opinion. The trick with Bicester is to go at the beginning of the week, where new stock has just come in. If not, you might be left with the scraps by the weekend.

What do you guys think about my outfit  btw? I'm wearing one of those formal joggers again! I love the pale pink colour and the play between feminine (colour pink) and tough (oversized leather jacket). It creates the perfect slightly laidback but still styled outfit, I think at least. Glad I wore flats as well because there was so much walking around in Bicester Village. We barely stopped for lunch with all the shopping we did so my little Louis Vuitton ballet pumps were perfect for this. Fashionable and practical..a streetstyler must always be prepared lol! Have a good day lovers xoxo

P.S. If you HAD to pick one, which is your favourite high end brand and why?