It Ain't all About a Handbag...'s what is inside that least for this post where I am giving you all an insight into the inner worlds of my handbags! It's just a brief post detailing my must have everyday items that travel every where with me. First thing to mention is my most important and prized possession: my Bottega Veneta purse! It's so beautiful!!I t's my most prized possession not only because it contains all my money (though that is vital lol) but also because I got from my older brother as a Christmas present many years ago and so it has sentimental value as well. I do get teased sometimes because I cram it full of coins, cards, photos..but as it's got a little stretched and had a little wear and tear over the years, I think it simply makes it look even better, more vintage looking if you like. Next is my stunning Filofax, which I really could not function without. It has the story of my life detailed within it. Everyone should really have a diary because it is one of the best ways to keep organized and when you have a pretty and stylish one like mine (love the colour), you'll want to take it everywhere with you. You'd be surprised at the number of compliments I get for it and I have to thank my best friend for getting it for me (as a graduation present last year). She clearly has impeccable taste! Next the gadgets: Samsung Galaxy phone and ITouch. If I'm absolutely honest with you, I'm not a massively technological person so I don't have the foggiest idea about gadgets. I'm a bit old fashioned so am just looking for something that I can operate very easily, which I find the Galaxy is great for. Funnily enough, I tend to lose my phone round my flat quite often, which is not great as a blogger. You'd think that I would be attached to it but I can't find it half the time, which probably emphazises the fact that I'm not a huge tech person lol. I never lose my ITouch though because I constantly need music in my life, so if I step out anywhere, I'll probably have at least one headphone in.

As for the accessories in my bag, sunnies are always present just in case of the rare and brief occasion where some sunshine might peek out in this grey country and I'll be able to pop them on to look effortlessly cool lol! Tbh I'm one of those annoying people that wear sunglasses even when it's not sunny, I just wear them on my head instead. So really my sunglasses act as both sun protection and a hairband. I also take a hairclip with me everywhere for moments when I get fed up with my hair whipping around my face in the wind and I can quickly just pin it up. Now for the beauty products. I love living in London but it's a very busy place filled with people and GERMS!! The number of things we touch that others have touched who might have colds makes me shiver. You'd be surprised at the number of people on the underground who cough into their hands and then touch handrails!! So I must carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere to try and keep my hands a little cleaner until I can next wash them. Now once I wash them, I use the velvet hand cream from L'Occitane! I get the Rose one and it makes my hands smell and feel incredible! I always harp on to my friends about the importance of moisturizing! Keeps your skin young ladies! In terms of lippy, I mostly (if not exclusively) wear MAC. The one featured above is called "Twig" and it's a browny pink colour. I tend to like wearing browny shades of lipstick for my everyday look and along with the one above, I also  use "Taupe" and "Velvet Teddy" as my 3 daily go to lipsticks. A little bit of spritz in your handbag is needed to keep you smelling fantastic and I adore Viktor & Rolf "Flowerbomb" because it's so romantic and feminine. Finally some magazines to keep you entertained while traveling or waiting around. My faves are Glamour and Vanity Fair (I do also like Vogue but they are too heavy to be trekking around with). So there you have it, my handbag heaven!

P.S. what's your most prized possession in your handbag and why?

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