Carelle Experience: I'm so Fancy

Whenever I'm in Bath I do feel very fancy! The city is just so magical and there is something about the buildings there that make me feel like I've stepped into a Jane Austen novel. So of course, whenever I go to Bath I feel I must dress appropriately! I thought a classic trench coat was very fitting for this Sunday outing and is what makes my whole outfit. The fluffy jumper and statement necklace add a bit of class to the look which is important when going for high tea darling lol.  But the trench is what gives my whole look that weekend casual sophistication. And isn't the colour just fantastic? It's simply perfect for a chic transition into spring fashion. Anyway, the restaurant we went to (The Pump Room) was absolutely delightful. The room was filled with chandeliers and had a classical band playing. My best friend and I were chuckling at the fact that we felt like we might have been transported into a scene from the Titantic. Doesn't the food look amazing as well? It's funny because when they first brought it out, I was most definitely sure I would devour it all very quickly but I soon found that finger sandwiches and scones are actually surprising filling. Who would have thought? I could have parked up in a quiet corner of the restaurant afterwards and drifted off to the lulling sounds of the cello. But as I had only popped to Bath for the afternoon there was no time to dilly dally inappropriately napping in public places. I briefly visited my favorite sites and fell in love with the city all over again. I mean the Royal Crescent is really incredible. According to my friend (who works at the Royal Crescent so I guess she would know - I on the other hand am clueless), the Crescent is where all the historic socialites would come for weekend getaways. I don't blame them at all - I only was in the city for the day and was enthralled by it. Just a few hours there and I was ready to become a regular weekendly visitor. Even in the rain, Bath looks's as if the rain adds to the city's character, building that quintessential dramatic, English countryside vibe. I am so incredibly lucky that my best friend lives there as I get to visit it quite often and have somewhere to stay along with my very own tour guide. Unfortunately, my day out had to come to end but I have to say that it was refreshing to get of London for a bit. Even though I love my city, I think its important to remind myself that there is life beyond the constraints of the underground and there is so much beauty within the UK to be explored. I plan to seek them all out and take you along for the ride. xo

P.S. My title is from Iggy Azalea's new song "Fancy". It's such a fun song and Iggy looks incredible in the video. Proper style inspiration. Have you heard it?

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