Instagram Pics: Toast to the Cliches

Hello everybody! Can't believe it's been a whole month since I've posted anything on Carelle! I want to start by firstly apologizing for my absence from the blogsphere. Along with a collection of some of my favourite Instagram pictures (which I will post regularly for those who cannot access these pics on the app itself) I wanted to explain my break from blogging and reflect on my experience of being (or attempting to be..) a style blogger.

Ive been blogging for over 3 months now and I've really been enjoying myself! Ive always been more of a science girl, focusing on my academic passions since I was 14 years old but I've really loved having the chance to start being creative again. I've also found that as I've traveled along this fashion journey, my personal style has changed and I've become more conscious of what I'm wearing and how I'm presenting myself. Now, personally I think a little bit of that is good; it's important to take care of ourselves and put a little effort in our appearances because that is the first thing people see. But it can become a danger when it starts to take over and become a main focus, that's how I've found it at least. I've never been a massively tech person and was always one to lose my phone round the apartment and even go out of the house without it. My family and friends would get so angry at me because they would not be able to contact me for hours but I did not feel a need to be by my phone constantly. However, after a few months of labeling myself as a fashion blogger, my phone became more and more present in my hand. I would spend hours scrolling through Instagram and other blogs, researching what others are doing. After staring at beautiful pictures of beautiful people in beautiful clothes, you ultimately start to compare yourself...someone once said that the quickest way to failure is to compare yourself to other people...and I was failing fast!! While I hadn't posted anything online for a month, unbeknownst to you all I did do a couple of shoots but I just found I was never happy with the results because I was comparing my work to that of bloggers with millions of followers. Not only that but I was starting to be pulled into this cycle of a need of validation through social media, whether it be through the number of likes on Instagram, shares on Facebook or hits on my blog. Now by no means does anyone need to be concerned, I wasn't becoming depressed or anything lol. But I just noticed that some days I started to look at myself differently..some days I would look at myself through the eyes of an Instagram filter. That's when I decided I needed a break from that world...when I started to value my self-worth through social media. I didn't want to turn into the girl that needs 100 likes on Instagram to feel confident about herself....I wanted just me to be good enough. So I packed my bags in search of sunnier climes....for 2 weeks I drank cocktails everyday, I got browner, I laughed, I cried, I danced, I read, I ate, I swam, I ran, I lived ...and it was a well deserved break because I have come back refreshed and ready to start blogging again with a new outlook on the whole process.  

And I've got some exciting stuff to share with you all. My outfits from my holiday will be up next week. Also, I'll try and post more often and mix up what I'm posting about. Ideally I'd love to post 3 outfits a week but it's tricky as there's not always someone around to take a picture of me when I need it and I've not yet become the crazy lady who asks random people in the street to take pictures of her (not fully anyway lol). I look at a lot of these big style bloggers and wonder how they manage to get so many outfits photographed in a week and I started to realize they all have boyfriends taking their pics clearly that's what I'm missing (any budding photographers out there looking for a girlfriend, email me your credentials lol). In the meantime, I'll  keep doing what I do and we'll just see how we get on. Thanks for taking the time to read my toast to social media cliches and my most honest post to date! Have a wonderful weekend and I leave you with the wise words of the late great Maya Angelou:

"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it".

P.S. I've changed the font of my posts as some people said they struggled to read it. Is it better now?