The Best of Portugal 2014

Alas, my posts about my holiday have to come an end...for Portugal at least! But I thought I would share some of the other outfits I wore on holiday that I did not specifically feature on my blog. Rounding up on my holiday fashion, really the best thing to wear is a tan! Most things, if not everything looks good with a tan so it's hard to go wrong. For me though (and tbh most people) white is a must on holiday simply because it accentuates your sun kissed glow. In Portugal, I loved wearing oversized white shirts on the beach. Worn slightly buttoned up, tied into a knot or left open, it all acts as an easy coverup. I liked pairing mine with my straw fedora hat as well (caution: when the wind blows and your shirt starts flapping around, you might run the risk of looking like you're in a Michael Jackson music video lol). Though I mostly stuck to white clothing, I did try and incorporate some colour on braver days. I particularly love red on holiday; a red dress with red lips and a healthy glow is delicious and super sexy! I've recently started to play with orange clothing as well and thought it to be was a fun and exciting colour for a holiday but I would definitely wait to wear such a bright colour later on, when you're racked up a solid tan otherwise it might wash you out. Denim shorts are almost customary when the sun is out, so no explanation needed there, while playsuits can provide a fun, fresh and chic alternative to shorts or dresses. And my favourite accessory to take on holiday are hats hats hats! I couldn't pack enough of them, not only because they provide necessary protection from the sun (very important feature) but because they do so in such a stylish way. Well really, floppy hats and straw fedoras are perfect for any sunny day, not only on holiday. Finally, I loved wearing my gladiator sandals and they seemed to be such a hit with you guys, which must mean I did something right lol.

In terms of the holiday generally, I had a brilliant time (if you haven't guessed already lol). It's always so nice to get away and recuperate. Whenever I go away on a trip or have a big gathering of some sort, I like to think about the peak and pit of each event (something I was inspired to do from watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians, funnily enough). It's hard to pick one peak for this trip. It would have to be a toss up between getting to relax by the pool or beach, drinking a cocktail and reading a book or getting to spend quality time with my best friend and her goddaughter. Actually, one of my favourite moments from holiday has to be when I took 2 year old goddaughter for a swim in the pool, her holding on to my back while a swam around and her continuously giggling. It's amazing how children can enjoy the simplest things in life and it allow us to appreciate those things through their eyes as well. Ok, the pit. This is easy cos I got a horrid cold on was manageable for most days but the first day I got it (mid holiday) I felt awful, so much so that I cried like a wimp (so embarrassing). But I just needed one day in bed and then I was good to go for the rest of the holiday. No cold was going to keep me away from the beach lol! Well, that's it! The dissection of my 2 week holiday at Portugal is over. Looking at the pictures is making me want to travel...where shall I go next???