Loyal: His v Hers

So lately I've been getting some interesting (and I guess flattering..) requests from my male followers, asking me to occasionally post about men's fashion. Now I'm really no expert so all I can offer is my humble opinion but being Men's Fashion Week and all, I thought I could try and rustle up something! In future it could be an option for Carelle to discuss male fashion in more detail, but for now I'll discuss how I based my outfit on a man's style. So I'm throwing back to this outfit inspired (...would you believe it) by Chris Breezy! Now while Chris is such a controversial figure but I'm not here to discuss the inner workings of what might be a troubled young man's psyche (as much as I'd really like to delve into that one) or even his recent hit "Loyal" (which I actually quite like when I'm not paying attention to the lyrics). Like him or not, the boy cleans up good...sometimes lol! 

I felt inspired straight away when I saw  the music video for "Loyal". I find that I've always been quite drawn to men's fashion (...or perhaps it's really unisex fashion or maaaaybe I just enjoy trying to turn men's fashion into unisex fashion....I'll let it to you to decide how to class it). I enjoy playing around with fashion juxtaposition; trying to "feminize" outfit pieces that might seem more masculine or "tough" and vice versa. In the case of this outfit, all I've really done to feminize it is to dress it on a female lol...tricky stuff! But what I love about this outfit for both men and women is its simplicity and as such its allowance for the expression of personal taste. I ever so slightly tweeked the outfit in line with what I'm comfortable wearing e.g. sunglasses over hat. Others might swap the Timbs for smarter shoes or the jacket for a cardigan and beanie for a more preppy look. What's even better is that you've probably already got the basic pieces that make up this outfit (tshirt, checked shirt, black jeans, leather jacket....if not, a shopping trip is overdue!!!!). What some people might have missing are the Timbs. I can understand that it's not for everyone (even though I personally feel they suit most) and I can think of a few of my friends that would shy away from them, viewing the boots as too clunky. I held a similar view once, leaving my pair untouched at the back of my wardrobe for years. It wasn't till I saw how Khloe Kardashian  owned hers that I felt brave enough to wear them again. Some of you might find it silly that others find Timbs too daring but we all vary in the amount we are able to challenge the confines of our fashion sense. If you are a girl or guy (I especially love Timbs on guys) that is unsure, there are so many colours and varieities out there (my friend has a pink pair...I'm unconvinced lol), so you never know, with a little research you might find a pair just for you. Anyway, I salute Mr. Brown in this outfit...something well done by Breezy, at least for today ;) xo