Baby, There is Nothing like the Summertime

We are already half way through the year...Oh my goodness how time flies! But June means it's officially the start of the summer! Woohoo! .........Well, the weather in the UK isn't really anything to brag about but I guess it must be summer somewhere out there lol! So let's celebrate the new season with the first of my outfits from my recent holiday to Portugal! This has to be one of my favourite looks from my holiday (and that's saying something because there are some real goodies). I just felt so comfortable in what I was wearing yet so cool! The shirt and the shorts aren't anything majorly exciting but the gladiator sandals are killer!!!! I don't know why I've never purchased them before! But for this summer (and even many more to come) I naming them as a style staple and a wardrobe MUST HAVE! I got mine cheap from Ebay and they worked fine (except one of the buckles came loose after a few wears)  but as I'm so in love, I might purchase a really good pair from somewhere like Kurt Geiger. Now not to toot my own trumpet but I def think I could pass off as a modern day Khaleesi here hahahaha (a couple of people have agreed with me on Instagram so it's official, I shall be the new Daernerys!). I just think gladiator sandals make you look like a warrior princess..and who doesn't want to be a warrior princess??!! All I need are some dragons to complete the look and I'd be ready to storm King's Landing (as you prob can tell, I've become a little Game of Thrones obsessed...if you don't watch it, I apologize for your lack of understanding of these references but unfortunately the show has taken over my can't be helped).

To be fair, the surroundings help a lot for my fanciful Mother of Dragons image. The sandy, rocky backdrop is so awesome, especially in contrast with my bikini top and those dope Les Specs sunglasses. With the pattern clash and the desert look in the background, the whole image becomes very festival-ly. I'm actually going to Glastonbury at the end of the month and this outfit would be perfect there (only if it doesn't rain -  this outfit would be a bad idea for rain and mud!!). But really the landscape couldn't be more beautiful! Portugal was so scenic! Think yellow sands, crisp water and rocky shores...all I really need in life. Being around the beach just makes me feel so at peace. I think a bit of sun, sea and sand is good for us all...I find that my spots clear up, my colour is glowing and my skin is so soft. There is something so magical and healing about the beach. I think I need to relocate to somewhere further south in Europe...I'm getting withdrawal symptoms!!! #takemebacktothebeach 

P.S. Are you a beachy individual or a pool lounger person?


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