I Love Fashion Bloggers

Today I share with you all a compiled list of my favourite bloggers so far. It was so difficult to to whittle down to just six as there is an unbelievable number and variety out there ...so many that I haven't come across yet and so much more to research into. But as I've not been blogging for very long, I've found that these six are the ones that I feel most inspired by (or envious of depending on how you look at it lol). If you don't follow them already, I'll explain why you should seek their websites out:

1. Kenza Zouiten

A Swedish model with a Morrocan heritage, Kenza is breathtakingly beautiful! Not only that but she is runs the most successful blog in Sweden and has her own clothing line (Ivy Revel), which she models on her blog. I love her fashion sense, which is very chic but also young and edgy as she enjoys pairing outfits with leather or bomber jackets, trainers and beanies. She is also a blogger that appears to just have fun and can laugh at herself, shown through some rather funny and unflattering photos on her Instagram. I like that she encourages others not to take themselves too seriously (easy for her when she's naturally stunning!). Follow Kenza here!

2. Julie Sarinana

Jules looks effortlessly cool and is all about laidback fashion. I don't know how she manages to look so good with what appears to be such minimal effort. It can take me hours to try and look that effortless lol! What I love most about Jules is how she can make you want to dress in Tshirts and sandals all the time. She even inspired me to fall in love with Birkenstocks, which I never thought would ever happen lol! Follow Julie here!  

3. Aimee Song

Aimee is both a fashion blogger and an interior designer and this works so well for her style because she is all about mixing bold prints and colour combos but she manages to carry these looks off in a very laidback California girl way. Quite an achievement! And she always picks such great and interesting backdrops for her blog shoots...must be that interior design eye she has. Follow Aimee here!

4. Negin Mirsalehi

Dutch blogger with Persian roots, Negin is another beauty whose style is causally chic. Her blog inspires everyday fashion with subtle twists and once I saw her in cutaway pieces, it encouraged me to also give it a try (now I'm a convert). I have serious hair envy for this woman and she looks great in so many different hats (I'm a hat person lol)!! But I love how she is not only gorgeous but also a smartie, with masters degree under her belt...which she completed while building her Instagram army (she has over a million followers). Inspiring stuff. Follow Negin here!

5. Kristina Bazan

Kristina is a young powerhouse that has put Switzerland back on the fashion grid and has made blog history by being the first one to do collaborations with Cartier! Oh by the way, she's done all this while turning 20. Incredible! Her style is about the high fashion and luxury world, which she presents through editorial blog posts. She's a great person to follow to focus on international, high end brands but more than anything, she inspires me to push myself and my blog in a business focused manner.  Follow Kristina here!

6. Chriselle Lim

An Oriental beauty with impeccable style, Chriselle has great fashion sense from working as a wardrobe stylist. Easy to spot this on her blog as she takes such gorgeous photos. Her style is not constricted by fashion trends or rules and my favourite thing about her (which I also try to achieve) is how she plays around with fashion juxtaposition...intertwining soft and edgy/tough pieces together. Follow Chriselle here!

This is only a snippet of an extensive list of amazing bloggers out there. But of these ladies, which is your favourite? Anyone you feel I've missed out? xo