Shiny Things

Good day all! Another outfit post here for that is so easy peasy to replicate. I'm all about laidback fashion; I love just being able to throw pieces together and still being pulling off a look that is chic and cool. That is definitely the vibe I was going for with this outfit. I was running late for my train to Bath over the weekend (being late is my absolute worst habit and happens way too often for my liking, which drives me crazy!!!) so I needed something quick and easy to throw on to leg it out the door. I also wanted something comfortable because it's a long journey to Bath and meeting up with friends requires lots of walking around (because she love shopping lol). So presto, this is the look I achieved. I'm such a fan of jumpsuits (or some people call them rompers), I feel so stylish in them and almost like a character in a film from another era (I'm thinking Peggy from "Married with Children"..does anyone else remember that show). I added the leather waistcoat to create something more interesting, something edgier (we all know how much I love edgy..I go on about it enough!). But my favourite thing about this outfit is the BIRKENSTOCKS! I can't tell you how much I love them. I'd never been much of a fan before..thinking they make you look like a keen tourist. I'd seen them on some people lately and thought meh...I didn't understand what all the fuss what about. Then I saw them on Julie Sarinana from Sincerely Jules and loved the way she styled them, she looked so casual about them, paring them with blouses and dresses...I began to take notice! Even so, I wasn't so convinced as to purposely venture out for them. One fateful day however, my heel broke in town and I was miles from home. Not wanting to completely embarrass myself infront of hundreds of people (not to mention a future business client who I was with) by limping around Oxford Street, I dashed into the nearest shop to find something relatively cheap and versatile. And there they were...the Birks. They were the only appropriate shoes that would go with what I was wearing so I tried them on and fell in love. So much so that I went back the next day and bought another pair in a different colour haha! You can probably tell how much I'm infatuated by them because my whole outfit really is about them, seeing as I'm in all black allowing the silver to really pop out. I've had so many compliments from people about my Birks. I was stopped in Tom Ford by a lady asking me where she could get a pair and my collegues at work have also vowed to follow suit. They are a hit lately! These silver ones are selling out fast in Topshop so I'd get them quick if I were you ;) xo    


Topshop Jumpsuit (similar here)

Topshop Leather waistcoat (similar here)

Topshop Birkenstocks

Hermes CDC

Thomas Sabo Bracelet

Folli Follie Ring

Asos Sunglasses