She is Electric

It's festival season in the UK people!! Woohoo!! It's all anybody can talk about lately. I was getting my nails done yesterday and all the girls in the salon were talking about the festival they are going to weekend and sharing tips. It was amazing!! Right now I'm on route to Glastonbury festival..I'm literally so excited. For my international readers, Glastonbury is apparently the biggest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world and has been going on for over  40 years!! It's situated in a small town in Somerset,  England set on the fields of a farm...converted into an awesome playground for festival goers. I've been 3 years before (snuck in once cos I was so desperate to get in - Beyonce was headlining so can you blame me?). It's more than just a music festival, it is its own little bubble and has a vibe I can't really put into words. I'm not much of a keen camper but I enjoy the whole Glastonbury experience...even the horrible toilet situations that turn out to be the makings of hilarious stories. So in ode to festival season, I wanted to showcase a complimentary outfit. Anything with a bohemian feel is perfect for festivals and that's the exact look I was trying to create. Bohemian style is very much about being unconventionally creative with your fashion, drawing on hippie roots. For me that mostly implies colourful patterned pieces but also playing around with fringe detailing, statement jewelry, interesting cut out styles and floppy hats, headbands and headscarves. It's almost very gypsy themed -  like Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. What I'm wearing ticks all those boxes while still maintaining a simplicity (almost like an earth mother look) and a chicness (most probably due to the fact that most of the outfit is black). But I've got some patterns, cuts and slits, floppy hat, a statement bracelet and most importantly a care-free spirit. Well that last one was probably aided by my surroundings! This garden is so beautiful, I really enoyed shooting in it. Funny story -  it was actually closed off because it had repairs being done on it. But no no no, that didn't deter Miss Elvira!! I hitched up my maxi skirt (being thankful for the slits that made this so much easier) and clambered over two gates to get into this garden, in a not so graceful manner..all the while trying to avoid being seen by the park guard. That's dedicated blogging for you! But I just had to do the shoot here, it was too perfect..almost like a scene from a Midsummer Night's Dream. It's fits with the bohemian style though as I guess I got to express a bit of my rebel and carefree side (see what fashion can do to you, it can change you into different characters everyday with just an outfit swap lol). Anyway, this is just a little outfit inspiration for the start of UKs festival season. Unlucky for me though as I won't be able to wear this at Glastonbury because the weather forecast is all rain for 3 days! So I'm gonna have to find a way to style out my wellies and rain mac. Challenge accepted...bring it on Glastonbury!! xo


ASOS Bardot Crop Top

Topshop Skirt 

H&M Hat (similar here)

"The Library" Bracelet (situed in Nigeria)

Gladiator Sandals (Ebay)


*Title from "She's Electric" by Oasis