Sunset Wouldn't Last

I know I should be talking about what I'm wearing and blah blah blah but can we just take a minute to admire that, that sunset is just so breath-taking, it demands attention!

Anyway....on to the clothes! For some reason I've struggled to figure out what to say in this post. I could throw the usual blogger spiel about how amazing the pieces are and how much I love them...but I'm not feeling that today. Perhaps I'll just tell you about where I wore this outfit to. We went to dinner at this little shack a bit further out of the main town, somewhere that we were promised would be filled with trendy young people looking for a good night...however, we were welcomed by families and an early closing time. As much as I like this outfit, I did feel a bit of an idiot in it sitting next to children (had to hid my high slit in my skirt to maintain some dignity). It was fine in the end as we just enjoyed our dinner and traveled on to disco hopping bars (though fun, proved a nightmare for my floor trailing maxi skirt which I had to hold in my hand like a princess to avoid people stepping all over). 

Still the outfit is very pretty even if it wasn't a practical idea for this particular outing! I love white on holiday (obviously as it accentuates a tan) and I've really been feeling black and white monochrome pieces, very chic! Though I like the crop top now, I didn't when I first saw it on other bloggers..I thought the cutout style silly. But I gave it try, one bored afternoon spent wandering the shops, and soon realized that it is a very interesting and elegant piece. I've always been a bit of a late bloomer in life, in the sense that I tend to be put off by hype...when everyone's watching something or buying something, I'm a  bit like...meh! Once the hype dies done, I'm interested lol! Weird! Funnily enough, there seems to be cuts and slits all over my outfit, so I guess the cut out fashion is not so silly afterall lol! Overall, this look has a subtle tribal feel to it (mostly thanks to those leopard print sandals and gold cuff my mum bought me from Nigeria). Tribal pieces and African prints have made a come back (as it does every few years) but for some reason I'm really appreciating it this summer. For me, tribal fashion exudes life, colour, fun and strength, adding character to any outfit. How do guys feel about tribal fashion and African prints?



Topshop Cutaway Crop Top

House of Dereon Maxi Skirt

ASOS Sunglasses

Sandals and Cuff (from Nigeria)


*Title from "Spring Vacation" by The Beach Boys