Instagram Pics: I'm Really Really Real

Here are some of my recent Instagram pictures for those of you who might not follow me on that social media platform. Lately, it's mostly been featuring pictures from my recent, short trip to France. I'll have some posts dedicated specifically to that holiday coming up later this week. 

Anyway, I'm going to keep this reflection short and sweet and not rant like my last post on about my Instagram Pics. Incidentally, I got such great response from that post, with so many ladies telling me that they have felt similarly. I know I've said it before but I'll say it's genuinely one of my favourite thing about blogging, that it gives people a chance to connect in a way where we can find common ground with one another. It's actually quite a beautiful thing. Plus I really like that my last reflective post about Instagramming as a fashion blogger was at one point my most viewed post (until recently where the Carelle Streetstyle post has dramatically taken over) and still is my most liked post to date. I really want my blog to feel as real as possible so that you as a reader can get an accurate representation of who I am, my style and tastes, aspirations and inspirations. It's really important to me that as my blog keeps growing I retain that realness and the fact that my last Instagram post but such a great response hopefully implies that you guys appreciate the "real" factor I'm trying to convey through my little style blog! Thanks again for all the love everyone..truly humbled and it's been such fun interacting with you all...loving this experience xo

*Title from "Real" by Kendrick Lamar 

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