Carelle Experience: Glastonbury 2014

OMG Glastonbury was absolutely wicked!!! I had such an amazing time, literally am counting down the days till next year! It's quite a challenge trying to explain what Glasto is like to those who haven't ever been, especially because it's like no other festival really. It is its own little unique world..a bubble where you dance, sing, drink, party, laugh all day and night! The best way I can describe it is like being a child in a theme park, where there is so much to explore and play around with and you just have so much fun. And even though you're exhausted, you don't want to stop. You have to let go as well at Glasto because it will undoubtedly rain, you will get muddy and the toilets are pretty grim..but it's all part of the experience. Going with a good group of friends makes the world of difference because you're having too much of a good time to notice all that other stuff. And trying to look good at Glastonbury is not an easy feat...again at some point you just have to let go and let the elements do what they will with you. I straightened my hair before I went to Glasto but within hours it turned into a frizz bomb. Luckily I had accessories to try and distract from that e.g. flower headband and headscarf! I was even tempted to buy that pink wig, as seen below, to keep my own hair intact lol! In terms of clothing, as much as I would love to bring my best outfits and really style out in  the festival, I did not want to get my favourite things muddy!!! So quite a bit of planning went into thinking about what I could take that still looked like I was making some effort but would be clothing that I wouldn't mind getting dirty. Tbh I just lived out of denim shorts and my wellies....oh and of course my rain coat was absolutely vital! You don't want to be fretting too much about what you wear really because as much as you want to look good, it's more important to just have fun. I think I started the first day caring about how I looked and then after it rained heavily for 3 days you really just have to move on or you'll be miserable. Anyway, here are some of my pics to give you a bit of an idea. No picture could ever really capture the full brilliance of this's something I think everyone should experience at least once in their life and you better do so soon as there are rumours that it'll only go on for another couple of years (oh dear, I dread to think what a world without Glastonbury Festival would be like).

Oh and I need to share my "Peak and Pit" of the festival! Ok so the peak has to be the group of friends I went with, never have I laughed so much...everyone was on top form this year and I wanna thank the girls and guys for giving me such wonderful memories to last a lifetime! Favourite moments include midnight dancing in a tent to an orchestra playing Beyonce "Crazy in Love", walking past random stalls blaring house music that undoubtedly seduced us in to rave hard and finally early morning heart to hearts in a treehouse decorated with twinkling lights! So magical! And in terms of the music, my favourite performances were Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Lana Del Ray and Lily Allen! Each artist surprised me with how talented they actually are! Buying all their new albums as we speak! The only pit would have to be when my wheelbarrow got stolen in the early hours of the final night at the sad that there are just a few people out there that are happy to take the fun away from others..not cool! But regardless, that wasn't enough to dampen my spirits, this year is still definitely tied first place best Glasto experience out of the four times I've been (other 1st place is sneaking in to the festival to watch Beyonce perform...amazing!). Remember, if you are interested in going tickets normally go on sale in October and you have to be registered before then! If we all manage to get tickets we can meet up and have a cool blogging festival moment lol! xo