Deep in Clean Blue

Hey guys, it's been a while..hasn't it? I do apologize for the scarce posts recently, obvs I had my holiday and then things were a bit hectic when I got back with family, work, etc...well that's just life isn't it lol...I won't plague you with the deets. Anyway, I think it's about time I shared my outfit from my first full day in Monaco (which was an awesome trip but more on that later) !!! I seemingly have kept up with my blue, white and black theme I had going on last month (see I told you I've really been loving those colour combos this season).  For a vacay to the south of France, I wanted my appearance to be fresh and clean..light colours and simple styles everywhere, from nail polish (I normally always have red nails if painted so pale pink was a breath of fresh air) to hairstyles (straight and sleek). And this outfit was the fashion manifestation of my desire to appear fresh and clean. I love a crisp blue shirt, always have but this one is so interesting with its boxy fit and the cut style panels on the back. I'm also still very into formal joggers (they are so comfy) and these are my fave pair due to that white strip down the leg, which again makes the piece more interesting and adds a sport luxe feel to the outfit (is so in right now...I'm all for embracing athleticism in my fashion). Finally, those sandals are truly perfection and so cheap (£14.99). I've seen more expensive ones around and wondered whether they would be more appropriate as they might last longer but none of them had the gold panel around the toe bit, which is my favourite thing about these sandals. And I've been wearing them around a lot and for £14.99 they are holding their own so I'm happy! I think I said it in my last couple of posts but I have really been super impressed by the shoes H&M have on offer this season, both affordable and fabulous looking! I did bling out with my accessorizes this time but we are in the south of France is a requirement to step it up lol! All in all, I think I've created an easy, breezy, chilled holiday outfit for anyone to replicate. I love this outfit so much I wish I could wear it everyday (it wouldn't make for a very interesting blog so I guess I won't lol). Until next time... ciao xo

P.S. these pieces do not seem to available online anymore but they are my recent buys so I'm hoping they will still be available in the bigger stores of these labels...either way, they are easy items to replicate so Im sure you'll be be able to substitute pieces if needs be.


Zara shirt

                                                              H&M trousers (similar but in reverse available online)

H&M sandals

                                  Elizabeth & James sunglasses (similar

Title from "Underwater Love" by Smoke City


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