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Voila! My outfit from my second day in Monaco! Still working off that clean and fresh vibe and nothing says it quite like an all white outfit (well mostly white at least). I love French fashion and what I envision particularly as French Riviera style is chic but quite laid back and again this outfit is the physical manifestation of that idea. I just wanted to be comfortable and casual but still look sophisticated, can you blame me? That's pretty much the fashion holy grail for me, casual sophistication! I do think the hat in particular manages to create that look for me; it's the game changer for this outfit, adding easy class to what I'm wearing. Fedoras are so in now and I actually prefer the larger brimmed ones (like the one I'm wearing) as they look very classy and cool without making you feel like you've stolen a prop from a Michael Jackson music video. But saying that, you probably wouldn't think that a tshirt could come across as sophisticated but this Etre Cecile one is the exception to the rule. I was initially drawn to the brand because of its noticeable influences from French style in a way that is both casual and confident (and I also love Woody Allen movies so had to have this tshirt). Simply put, they make easy going outfit pieces that look good and so I was always going to be a sucker for their brand lol (they are doing a mammoth sale atm so if I were you I'd get browsing asap..I know I am).

All white looks has been named a season hot trend by lots of magazines and while they are right, what  perplexes me is how these articles give off the perception that this is a new idea when really white has always been a summer staple. All white outfits were summer trends last year and the year before that and before that and so on. So what I suggest for you, the reader, is to have an all white look in your wardrobe because clearly it will always be "this season's hot trend" for summers lol. Perhaps I should do a "Summer Bare Necessities" post about what is a must for a summer wardrobe...hmm, better watch this space ;) xo



Etre Cecile Tshirt

Mango Trousers (similar here)

Topshop Sandals

ASOS (Catarzi Exclusive) Hat

Kardashian Kollection Rings

Folli Follie Watch


Title from "Empire State of Mind P2" by Alicia Keys

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