The Monaco Diary

Here are some pics from my recent trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco. I went with my older sister and my 3 nieces, as well as some family friends and their kids. It was great to travel with such a big group, especially the kids as there was so much energy and we were all so excited to be going to such a new adventure we'd never all been on together before. We arrived to Nice in the late afternoon and took a short car ride to the Monte Carlo Beach Club. It really is such a beautiful hotel, so simple yet elegant. The views were absolutely breath-taking as well, I couldn't believe my luck that my sister asked me to come along to such a stunning place. After a group early dinner we were all exhausted from traveling so we agreed to start our exploring the next day and retire to our rooms. As much as I love my home, I really enjoy staying in hotel rooms because everything is so shiny and new, I just love to have a little play around. The next day we were up early for an aaaamazing breakfast buffet and then pool day (the pool was Olympic size...literally the biggest pool I'd ever been in). It was lovely to mess around with the kids in the water but by the afternoon I was ready for some adult time so managed to escape to the town for some lunch and little bit of window shopping with my sister. It was really cool to see all the luxurious cars parked up on the streets and the yachts by the water. Monaco is definitely where the rich and famous come to play. At lunch, we even spotted Roger Moore with his wife dining at the Hotel de Paris. He is still a very handsome man, I must say and his wife looked so elegant.

The next few days were mostly pool/ beach days with the kids. It is lots of fun playing in water with children, it's so fascinating to see how much they light up when swimming. Even though, I enjoyed this time, after a while I did need some down time and spent some time alone reading by sea, which is one of my favourite things to do on holiday. My days were really just spent having swimming competitions in the sea with my family (of which I always won lol), reading, listening to music, eating yummy food, etc... It was only 3 days that I spent there and even though it went by so quick it was an amazing little break and I loved spending quality time with my family, especially as I don't get to see them very often. And to do so in such a magical place was heaven. I really would love to go back and maybe next time with friends to experience to nightlife better. Perhaps I'll try and pay a visit during Formula 1 season, wouldn't that be super exciting?