Carelle Streetstyle: Festival Fashion

"Carelle Streetstyle" is something that I want to do more often, something that allows everyone a chance to showcase their fashion sense and also gives you the reader wider perspective of trends and how different individuals style those trends. Too often we are bombarded with perfect images of made up girls, not only through designers using models but also big bloggers...who look amazing and unfortunately sometimes staged. Now I know that's not always true but lately I've been feeling more and more that a lot of fashion blogging has an element of staging outfits, whereby you wear something, go outside and take a picture and then perhaps come back inside and change (I don't know this for certain but it's what I imagine might happen). They talk about shoot days often, which is very similar to what we see in magazine and campaign workings. Though it might sound like I'm complaining I assure you I'm not because I too fall into that same category and I understand that doing that is another way to showcase style and generate outfit inspiration. But for me and my blog I want more than that, not just for you guys to see me styled and posing in a garden again and again but to see pictures of girls wearing their outfits out in the everyday world. So, that long spiel is basically what I want for Carelle Streetstyle lol. 

As I've been to Glastonbury festival I thought this was the perfect chance to start this subsection of Carelle as people's fashion were on point! I've been to the festival 4 times now but I was so impressed with how girls stepped up their fashion sense this year. I felt so inspired by others and I hope you do too by looking at some of these outfits. Themes I noticed from this year's festival was of course kimonos, but particularly long ones and those with fringed detailing..they were everywhere. Bandanas were popular for both men and women and bum bags have made a comeback, which I love and I have to say I predicted would happen (I told my brother in January that I really wanted a Louis Vuitton one or a black studded one and he laughed at me...who's the fool now eh?? ). I also noticed quite a few sparkly and sequins dresses at the festival which did surprise me as it's not something I would necessarily associate with festival fashion but I loved the idea all the same. It was so fun noticing trends and a lot of time was spent in our camp talking about festival fashion, what looks good and what doesn't, what we were surprised to see and what were the usual outfits. I really loved interacting with these girls I met and complimenting what they wearing, particularly when they smiled about it. I do hope I was able to boost their confidence because too often us girls feel self-conscious in this day and age. If only I was able to take a lot more pictures of outfits as there were so many amazing ones but unfortunately I was quite inebriated for most of the festival so these are the ones I managed to take while functioning appropriately lol. Hope you like them and feel as inspired by these girls' personal styles and I was whilst there.