June Reflections

June has gone by so quick, hasn't it?! Guess that's what happens when your having fun and June has definitely been such a great month for both myself personally and Carelle. Reflecting on my growth first, I've really been so happy this month and I imagine it's a culmination of things but I do think it has to do with the sunshine. I'm a Leo so I strive off hot days and thus I tend to be in a much better mood when it's sunny. To break it down, my holiday in Portugal was a fantastic and much needed trip, leaving me feeling so much more contented and refreshed to start June with buzz and allowing me to dive back into blogging with a fresh perspective. This month I've also spent time nurturing old friendships and growing new ones. Glastonbury festival was a great chance to do so, while also getting the opportunity to let loose and even to remind myself not to always take life so seriously and just enjoy what comes.  Overall, June was a month where I started to feel more self-confident. These feelings do come in waves but generally I'm a lot more appreciative and accepting of myself, which we all know is not always the easiest thing to hold on to. It really helps to have a great circle of people around you and I must shout out to all my friends and family who put up with me and thank them all for acting as my photographers and confidants. Now for Carelle, June has been awesome as the growth has sped up this month. The number of subscribers to Carelle has risen dramatically, reader interaction (likes and comments) has also increased and I've noticed interest from all over the world (USA, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Poland, Thailand, Lebanon, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, the list goes on...). I want to say a huge hello to all of you from around the world and thank you each individually for taking the time to read my little blog. I am genuinely humbled by all your interest and pleasantly shocked that Carelle has started to branch out internationally. The internet is absolutely amazing when you think it gives us all this kind of opportunity to be able to connect to each other worldwide! I love it that we can all share things together and find common ground regardless of distance!

Now for a quick reflection on my fashion through June. It's interesting to look back at what I've featured this month because for a summery month, I've not really gone for bright colours. The colour palette I'm noticing is black, white and blue. Black isn't really a surprise because I know I wear a lot of it anyway. White is mostly what I wear on holidays but the blue is the interesting bit. Tbh I've noticed that I've been really attracted to baby blue pieces lately and evidently that attraction has been expanded and seeped into my featured looks. I think I've kept the fashion for June quite simple and chic but with added touches of my own personal edge. I feel I've found a little niche for my expression of fashion trends and it tends to just be little touches of what's in at the minute. I haven't found it hard to style outfits for Carelle this month, probably because the majority of outfits are super simple but also because I've actually worn all these outfits out somewhere doing activities (bar one). Now this is about the time I would normally pick a favourite but I'm really struggling this month. I like all the looks as they express different angles of my personal style so I'm gonna have to cop out and say all of them lol. Maybe you can help me out and let me know which you like best? xo