Slow on Sunday

I've been meaning to post this outfit from the previous weekend but I just got so sidetracked by my birthday celebrations that I guess I took a little break from my blog. But better late than never eh? This is my perfect easy Sunday outfit (to go outside in, when I'm at home I tend to just live in my PJs on a Sunday). There's really not too much to say about this outfit, which must be a bit of an anti-climax after a long break without any posts lol.  It's an outfit made up from basics so super easy to replicate. I love the ribbed white long sleeve top I bought from the Zara sale for £9!! Zara have a really a great sale on atm. Birks are the epitome of a laid-back summer Sunday outfit so of course had to break them out. And I am for sure developing into a real hat person! I'm so pleased with the one I'm wearing that I'm thinking of buying it in another colour...perhaps a maroon one ready for winter. Speaking of winter, the weather in London has taken a turn for the worse and it seems much cooler now. I've started wearing long sleeves again (as shown above) and last night I even went to sleep in a hoodie!!! I'm so worried that summer might be over now and it's only just August!! High street stores are even starting to sell autumn collection of knitwear and coats already! I'm just not ready to accept that yet! Howver, my best friend is so excited about winter because she is ready for layering fashion lol. what is your verdict? Ready for winter yet or still holding on to summer vibes?

Anyway, that's it pretty much...gosh I'm not used to writing only a little post with my pics! Normally, I can't stop babbling away! Guess you got off lucky today!!! 

P.S. Stay tuned though, because I'll soon be posting pics from the Africa Fashion Week event I went to last week. 



Zara Top (sale)

Topshop Skirt

Topshop Sandals

Catarzi for Asos Hat

Michael Kors Bag


* Title from "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5

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