CE Experience: Africa Fashion Week London 2014

My first proper adult fashion show! I was so excited about this event when I heard about it (how have I not heard about it before?) and just had to get tickets to go!! I've always loved African fashion, particularly my hometown's Ankara styles. I'm in awe of how African pieces are so expressive in colour and pattern and showcase so much life and fun in their fashion. We can't deny that African women know how to dress. Even if you do not necessarily understand the fashion, you can definitely tell that African women take such pride in their appearance and how they express their personal style. I picked up my love for dressing up from my mother. I used to (and still do) love watching her get dolled up, fascinated by the way she wasn't afraid to play with bold colours, statement jewelry and large head wraps. There is such confidence in the way Africans dress that is sometimes missing from the European world. So you can see why I was so excited to see this show. I feel that African fashion is so up and coming lately and jumped at the opportunity to support these lesser known designers.

Apart from some organisational issues e.g. time-keeping (standard "black time" issues), the whole day was fantastic. I went to the evening show and was delighted by 4 hours of African fashion exhibition. Not only was there amazing catwalks, breath- takingly beautiful black models and market stalls selling African pieces but even plantain and stew for sale...win!! Now that's my kind of fashion show. Below are some of the pics from the day: 

Ok let's get what I wore out the way as that's the most boring bit of the day! I wanted to dress quite ladylike for my first proper adult fashion show but knowing it was an African show, I knew I had to come wearing a standout bright! Orange was the way to go and I did feel like that lace Topshop skirt could almost pass as an African inspired piece. I added some edge (as per usual) with some studded block heels and clashed the whole look with a black and white Chanel purse, keeping style watchers on their toes. I used a teeny weeny bit of gel to slick my hair back ever so slightly to avoid looking too done up. I have to say this look was a hit at the event as I was photographed several times by other bloggers and magazines. What a great event to network for my blog.

Now on to the catwalks!!

Modella B

This designer featured a lot of black in her catwalk this season, focusing on lace trims with feminine glitter touches (all done in an elegant manner). While beautiful,l I was particularly drawn to the brighter colour pieces of this show.


Adama Paris

When it came to bold and bright colour pieces, Adama took the cake! I was so impressed by her vibrant collection! Not only the colour, but the contrasting headpieces, the flowing cloth and the soft, French music made for an exquisite show to watch! I've actually checked our her online collection and was blown away, seriously incredible pieces. Check it out here, you'll be blown away! 


Porjai Thai Printer

This was my favourite designer of the evening! What an absolutely stunning collection with everything that I was looking for from an African fashion show: bright colours, African inspired prints while drawing on modern interpretations! And all done by designers who had flown in from Thailand! The pieces were so fun and flirty. I would genuinely be happy to wear any of these pieces, particularly that baby blue suit...to die for!


And that's it! So looking forward to next year! Hope to see some of you there too!!! Xo